Top 7 Safest Cryptocurrency Wallets

Today, you can use cryptocurrencies everywhere. You can buy a house with Bitcoins or deposit at Chan Casino using LTC or ETH. But beforehand you should choose the right cryptocurrency wallet. These are the 7 options that can be used for this purpose. 

Ledger Nano X

French-made hardware wallet, available since 2019. It replaces the more outdated Ledger Nano S model (available since 2016, one of the best-selling hardware wallets in the world).

The wallet looks like a normal USB flash drive. It is made of plastic and has a rotating stainless steel lid. Inside is a small 100 mAh lithium-ion battery. The product has a USB Type-C connector (you will find a USB Type-C / USB-A cable in the kit), OLED display (128x64 px) and a control button. The wallet is compatible with devices of all popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS and iOS, Linux, and Android).

Ledger wallets support more than 20 types of cryptocurrencies — VTS, ETN, DOGE, DASH, etc., as well as over 1.2 thousand ERC-20 tokens. You can install up to 100 apps for working with coins. Ledger Live application will allow you to work with currencies on your computer or smartphone.

Trezor Model T

A hardware wallet of Czech production, founded in 2018. It came to replace the Tezor One model, which was the very first cryptocurrency wallet.

The wallet looks like a simple keychain. It is made of plastic, has a USB Type-C connector (USB Type-C / USB-A cable included), a slot for micro-SD card and a touch screen LCD (240x240 px). The wallet is compatible with computers and smartphones. Trezor Model T can store more than 1 thousand different cryptocurrencies — VTS, ETN, NEM, BCH, etc.


This American-made hardware wallet has been in production since 2015. It has an anodized aluminum case with a polycarbonate front with an OLED display. There is a special button on the case to confirm transactions. To connect to other devices, the wallet has a Micro-USB connector (cable included).

A feature of KeepKey is a built-in exchange service ShapeShift, thanks to which you can not only receive, store and send cryptocurrency but also exchange it within the application.

The wallet also has a special Chrome app for your computer, which connects through a proxy server for maximum anonymity. Wallet is compatible with computers (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) and Android smartphones.

In KeepKey, you can store VTS, VSN, ETN, DOGE, ESN, and other cryptocurrencies.


A hardware wallet made in Hong Kong. It is made in the form of a credit card with a thickness of 4 mm, the body has a monochrome display (2″) and 12 control buttons (0-9, confirmation and cancellation). The case material is metal. A Micro-USB cable is included to charge the device.

The Bitlox wallet can only store VTCs and Bitcoin forks (BCN, BTG). If you are only interested in the most popular cryptocurrency, this hardware wallet will be a great solution.


A cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet, launched in 2015. It offers desktop and mobile versions. Choose from over 100 cryptocurrency assets, including VTN, ETN, ZEC, BNB, DOGE, and other coins.

Private keys are stored on the user's computer or smartphone. To activate the security settings, you need to top up your account with any amount. This will allow you to set a password and form a Seed-phrase to restore the wallet.

If you use a mobile wallet, you can additionally protect your funds with biometrics — a fingerprint or facial scanning system.

Bitcoin Wallet

Cross-platform software wallet for storing VTS and VSN. You can also store SLP tokens in the VSN wallet. Bitcoin Wallet primarily offers versions for Android and iOS smartphones, but you can also download programs for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can store, exchange and buy cryptocurrency in the wallet. You can use your bank card to buy coins.


Mobile software wallet. Available in app format for Android and iOS. You can store in the wallet VTS, VSN, ETN, ERC-20 tokens and the platform's own token — BRD. The app is a fully decentralized wallet, which connects to the blockchain using a generated 12-word key.

The platform does not charge any extra fees when accepting or sending cryptocurrencies, you only pay for network transactions. The app is integrated with Simplex. So you can buy cryptocurrency from your card.