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Premium listing

Be the first among other hundreds projects and increase the interest to Your company many times over.

Your company will be on the top of the browse in selected categories, hashtags, and coin pages.
Your special offers are higher then others.

Similar companies will be removed from your profile. Your company will be highlighted on Coinmap.

Extented design features:

Add a custom header to decorate your profile
Additional menu with 6 custom external SEO links

Extented content features:
6 discounts (+3)
4 categories (+2)
7 hashtags (+4)
20 images (+10)
Additional Tab «Details»

till 01/12/21)

Premium listing
3 months
$ 99
~ 0.00247 BTC
6 months
$ 149
~ 0.00371 BTC
1 year
$ 199
$ 249
~ 0.00496 BTC

Fulfillment by our manager

Our manager will help you to publish your company, add your products to Cryptwerk Market and get best rating by qualitative fulfillment your company profile

You will get:
- 2 months Premium listing
- Free Social promotion and Press Release
- best rating based on our rating algorythm
- support for adding your products to Cryptwerk Market by generating xml/csv feed or api

Fulfillment by our manager
$ 89
~ 0.00222 BTC

Social promotion

Instant promotion in Cryptwerk's social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram).

Send us the material for publishing:
Instagram - posts 1:1, stories 9:16
Facebook - any, stories 9:16
Twitter - posts 6:9
Telegram - any

Social promotion
1 post - all social networks
$ 49
~ 0.00122 BTC
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