F.A.Q. for coins / tokens / cryptocurrencies

What is Cryptwerk?

Cryptwerk is made to help people to find reliable merchants accepting cryptocurrencies over the world. We are the biggest online directory with different companies, stores, services accepting cryptocurrencies. We are trying to be the engine of crypto mass adoption. You can use our market data and possibilities to enlarge ecosystem of YourCoin and promote your project.

How to add a Coin to Cryptwerk?

Fill this form and the team will contact you shortly. Link >>

What advantages gives listing on Cryptwerk

After the listing, YourCoin will have a special separate page (like this one) with list of merchants accepting YourCoin, that you can use to show your growing ecosystem. Also users will be able to filter the catalogue by YourCoin, merchants will be able to add YourCoin to the list of accepted and YourCoin will appear on the World Coinmap and Merchants Coins Rating.

 What does your Merchants Coins Rating mean?

MCR by Cryptwerk is a comparison of cryptocurrency popularity among different merchants from our database. 

 How to promote my coin/token on Cryptwerk?

Use promo options. Link is here >> 

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