Price of Shiba Inu in 2030

Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin was launched in August 2020. Its creator is an anonymous developer who calls himself “Ryoshi.” The idea behind the name of this decentralized digital asset is a popular meme with a Shiba Inu dog (Japanese breed). It was released as a competitor to existing coins, namely the meme-based Dogecoin and the infamous Bitcoin. Because SHIB operates on the Ethereum blockchain, it is defined as a token.

Within 18 months, Shiba Inu became one of the biggest crypto assets on the market. At the beginning of February, the total market capitalization of SHIB was around $17 billion with an average daily trading volume on the level of $3 billion. The price of Shiba Inu fluctuates around $0.00003 per coin.

Like any other asset, Shiba Inu has its advantages and disadvantages:

Price of Shiba Inu in 2030

Shiba Iny coin is surrounded by different assumptions and reservations. But the fact is that SHIB has an impressive trading volume and, at the same time, real utility. Notwithstanding, every piece of news has an impact on Shiba Inu’s price, which makes it volatile.

Price of Shiba Inu in 2030

Latest Shiba Inu News

Shiba Inu is a relatively new crypto project, so it is still quite sensitive to external impact. An example of this is the media: in the case of SHIB it is known as the so-called “Musk effect.” It means that Elon Musk’s declarations have a strong influence on the price of the Shiba Inu coin and its trading volume. Every tweet from Musk makes it “go to the moon” or rapidly lose its value.

For example, in January and February 2021, SHIB’s price was around $0.00000001. But after the first tweet from Elon Musk regarding the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, the coin price started increasing. The tweet appeared in mid-March, which immediately increased the trading volume. By April, the Shiba Inu coin price rose to $0.0000037.

The following tweet by Elon Musk with the message “I’m looking for a shiba pup!” increased the price of the coin by another 25%. In October 2021 SHIB reached the point of $0.00008 per coin — all thanks to Musk’s tweets as well. However, once Musk tweeted that he did not owe any Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, the price of the coin quickly dropped to around $0.00002-0.00003.

Consequently, some investors call Shiba Inu a Musk-driven crypto. Even so, price is not the only liquidity measure tool of the asset. Regardless of Musk’s tweets, Shiba Inu is still one of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market.

Shiba Inu Forecast from Various Analysts

It is quite hard to forecast the price of any cryptocurrency for such a long period. As a rule, even predictions based on algorithms are likely to be wrong because a myriad of factors can change at any time. However, based on analysis from CoinPriceForecast, Shiba Inu's price will increase by over 500% compared to the current price. It is expected that at the beginning of 2030 SHIB’s price will fluctuate at the $0.00019 level.

Another Shiba Inu coin price prediction 2030 is given by the analytic service PricePrediction. According to the latest forecast, the average trading price during 2030 will be $0.0008 per coin. It is over 2,500% more than the current price. The lowest threshold in 2030 is at $0.00077 per coin.

Meanwhile, Cryptopolitan analysis predicts the minimum price point at $0.0008 per SHIB. The maximum trading price in 2030 is predicted at $0.00097 per coin.

Price of Shiba Inu in 2030

Is It Worth Investing in Shiba Inu in the Next 8 Years?

Many sources predict continuous growth for the Shiba Inu coin. According to them, in the next eight years, its price will increase by a few hundred percent at the least. Still, even the most optimistic analysis shows that SHIB will not surpass the 1 cent threshold within the following years. But given how attractive low-cost cryptos are for the numerous SHIB investors, it can be a good thing. Besides, the investment risk is considerably low.

So, holding Shiba Inu might be the most profitable strategy. However, SHIB could be a suitable asset for trading as well. The high volatility of Shiba Inu allows traders to make money on price differences.