Do You Know That Cryptocurrency Is Just A Part of Crypto Assets?

If you will look back a couple of years, the total value of the Cryptocurrency market was below $10 billion. But today, the total market value of the Cryptocurrency is over $400 billion.

This huge explosion of the Crypto asset has caused quite an uproar in the market. The cryptocurrency has created a new hype in the market. With all the prominent features that the cryptocurrency has shown to the people, it is being believed that it might take over the mainstream currency in the near future.

Many experienced traders and investors have also predicted that the Cryptocurrency has yet to reach its full potential. And once that happens, fiat currency might lose its tag of being the only centralized currency.

You know that Cryptocurrency is a crypto asset, but do you know that there are other forms of Crypto assets as well.

1. Platform Tokens

Platform Tokens are designed solely for supporting the decentralized currency. These token help to omit out all the intermediaries between a Cryptocurrency transaction. One such token is Ethereum which allows the traders to have their first initial coins. To date, there have been more than 70% of the initial coin as Ethereum. It is also being predicted that after Bitcoin, it is the Ethereum that will rule the next era of the Cryptocurrency market on the internet.

2. Utility Tokens

Utility Tokens are powered by blockchain technology. These assets are programmable and can be used as utility applications. The main purpose of these Utility Tokens is to use the Smartphones as the supercomputers for computing Cryptocurrency’s value on the smartphones.

We know that today people use smartphones more than PCs and laptops. Hence, this approach can really help the Cryptocurrency traders and investors.

3. Security Token

Here is another Crypto asset that works like charms. Security Tokens are the negative bonds that trade in cryptocurrency without any intermediaries. Security Tokens are really hard to understand but once you understand how these token works, you can make more profit as compared to that of other Crypto assets. Many companies have already foreseen the future of these Crypto assets and have taken their first step to investing in the security tokens.

4. Natural Asset Token

Here natural token symbolizes tangible assets. These assets can be said gold, silver, oil, and are traded with peer-to-peer networks in the trading market. It will best to understand wit an example.

Let say, for instance, there are two companies that want to partner with each other. They might exchange to create a token that is powered by a tangible asset. And the value of the token will be stimulated by the respective asset.

5. Crypto-Fiat currencies

Crypto-Fiat currencies are the digitized cryptocurrency that is issued by the Government and is controlled by the central bank. There are many countries all over the world that have introduced their own Cryptocurrency into the market. These currencies are not as volatile as regular cryptocurrency. Usually, Crypto-fiat currency are backed up by tangible asset of the country.

For instance, Venezuela has recently launched its own Cryptocurrency called “The Petro”. And the price of this Cryptocurrency is manipulated by the price of the oil reserve of that country.

This step of the Venezuela government shows that the Cryptocurrency have a future as a mainstream currency.


Crypto assets are not limited to that of Cryptocurrency. If you will look around clearly, you will be able to see that there are other crypto assets that might also fetch you the same amount of profit as the Cryptocurrencies.

With that being said, make sure to look for all kinds of Crypto assets before making a capital investment. And even after such enumerated explanation, you are having a rough time understanding it, then you can visit bitcoin loophole to know more.