Dash launches developer program


— Marketing and Technical Support for Developers working on consumer apps

— Focus on Payments Related Use Cases like like Remittances, Freelancing, Travel & In-App Gaming Purchases.

— Further funding support available through the Dash treasury


Dash, the payments focused digital currency has launched a Global Developer Program to support Consumer Blockchain Applications though the DAO funded #BuildwithDash Campaign.

The Developer Program offers marketing and technical support to Blockchain Developers working with Dash. Projects can also seek funding support from the Dash Treasury which offers nearly $600,000 in Funding every month through a community vote, on current prices.

The program is currently accepting applications and can be accessed on BuildwithDash.Com. Individual Developers & Teams and Companies are eligible to apply.

Gaurav Gupta, Co-Ordinator for the DAO backed Developer Initiative Said

“Developers are key to building a decentralised future and this initiative aims to bring them together on the Dash platform. While we are open to receiving applications from all domains, however, we view payments related use cases like Remittances, Freelancing, Travel & Gaming as market segments with high potential.

While digital currencies have become popular over the last few years, consumers find it difficult to use them for daily use cases. High Transaction Costs and long confirmation times for Bitcoin, the largest digital currency by Market Capitalisation has impeded the growth of the blockchain industry. Comparitively, Dash has lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times, enabling a smoother experience for average users.

Previously, Dash unveiled long privately held software repositories, including Distributed API and Drive. Dash has also been in the news for activating ChainLocks to repel 51% Attacks -The vulnerability allows an attacker to reverse transactions and threatening chain integrity.

This campaign comes at a time when growing developer ecosystems is becoming key to the growth of cryptocurrency projects worldwide with major coins announcing initiatives to scale their developer base.

About Dash

Dash is digital cash, allowing millions of individuals, as well as thousands of merchants and businesses across the globe to carry out blazingly fast, secure transactions for less than a cent.

Dash launches developer program

A top ranked cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $1.3 billion USD, and the rising alternative to bitcoin, Dash is accepted at over 4,900 merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMS and 90+ exchanges worldwide, making it one of the few offering safe, decentralized solutions. For more information, visit https://www.dash.org/ or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.

About BuildWithDash

BuildwithDash is a Dash Treasury Funded Initiative to grow the Dash Developer Community WorldWide. You can follow updates on twitter.com/buildwithdash

Dash launches developer program


Email: [email protected]

Telegram: t.me/buildwithdash

Website: BuildwithDash.Com