What is Turnkey crypto exchange?

A crypto exchange is an ideal business model, as businesses can take advantage of the high capital influx for their own benefit. However, investments in creating a business model around an exchange vary and can be within two extremes. Developing an exchange from scratch is costly, but a turnkey solution serves the purpose only more affordably.

What Is a Turnkey solution?

turnkey crypto exchange is a patterned exchange setup that is up to the already-established exchanges' standard. The benefits of a turnkey solution are not only price-related, as they allow businesses to go to market much faster and not waste resources without generating revenues. In that regard, the ROI generated by the company will be much higher.

What is Turnkey crypto exchange?

Turnkey crypto exchange instruments

Turnkey solutions offer the basic instruments and features to operate in the crypto market successfully and have financial as well as a time advantage. Thus, a turnkey exchange includes a customer verification process that can match the demands of any country's regulation standards.

The exchange also features an unlimited number of crypto instruments, including spot and margin trading tools. What's more, is that the turnkey solution includes deposit and withdrawal gateways. 

Moreover, the exchange includes operational components such as a matching engine and a liquidity module to ensure the product is ready to market as fast as possible. What's more, Soft-FX also takes care of all implementations and the necessary reviews to ensure the product is functional.

The turnkey solution is ideal for going to market as soon as possible without adding extra features to the exchange. However, a turnkey solution can also be customizable to ensure a wider variety than what is already included. For example, businesses can opt to have bigger leverage or add additional pairings while making slight changes to the UI.

Turnkey solutions can and should be customized because they reflect a form of branding while also including key functions to ensure the exchange is operable as fast as possible.

Thus, clients can ensemble their ideal turnkey exchange from the variety of functions that can be fine-tuned to help users have a better crypto exchange experience that meets their demands.

Soft-FX offers an affordable and convenient turnkey solution for any new crypto exchange to be market-ready in no time.

Final Words

A turnkey solution, whether off-the-shelf or customizable, offers the essential features and implementations to ensure any crypto exchange business that wants to save on costs and go to market sooner has a way to do so.