What are the Simplest Things You Could Buy with Bitcoin?

The technology that underpins Bitcoin can be a mysterious and complex world — something that many enthusiasts are interested in learning and indulging. But for some people, they simply want to use Bitcoin like they do other fiat currencies — quick, painless transactions for everyday goods and services.

So, here are some of the simplest products and services that can be purchased through using Bitcoin, proving it isn’t some underground club of grey market payments and speculative trading.

Gambling and Gaming

There has been a growing trend of crypto gambling, in which online casinos are accepting Bitcoin as payment. The primary use case of this, beyond being a payment option for crypto holders, is that it’s a way to gamble privately, without it showing up on the bank statement. It’s also estimated that transactions are faster, something that can be an issue when withdrawing from ordinary casinos.

Furthermore, video games are beginning to get involved too. Instead of gambling your crypto, they’re offering a play-to-earn scenario. Nearly 60% of American and British video game developers are starting to use blockchain technology, with around half incorporating NFTs into games. Microsoft and Sony also both accept Bitcoin as payment for games and subscriptions.

Organic Bath Bombs

British highstreet outlet, Lush, who are known for their cruelty-free and organic cosmetics, have been accepting cryptocurrency as payment since mid 2017. Via the website, customers can now swap a small fraction of a Bitcoin for some organic shampoo and bath bombs. Unfortunately, they do not yet accept Bitcoin as payment in-store.

Fast Food

Subway was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin, with the Allentown (Pennsylvania) store accepting crypto as early as 2013. There are two other locations that also accept payment (Russia and Argentina) but if this is an issue (it probably is), you can simply purchase a Subway gift card from Gift Off. Alternatively, there are some 3rd party services, like Lightning Pizza, that can facilitate the purchase for you. In some places, Burger King will accept Bitcoin, and pretty much everywhere, Starbucks will too! So, that’s your morning coffee, lunchtime sandwich, and evening burger covered.

A Vacation

The tourism industry, perhaps because of its experience in handling many currencies around the world already, have really taken to crypto. You can book a full vacation with Bitcoin alone, and it’s probably easier than buying lunch with Bitcoin. Expedia is one of the largest holiday booking firms, and they accept Bitcoin, with over 700,000 hotels available. Otherwise, head to AirBaltic or Norwegian Air, which both accept Bitcoin. Many hotels also directly accept crypto, and there are even Bitcoin ATMs in Vegas, among other cities.

Almost Everything Online

Okay, this is a grand statement, but it’s true because PayPal have recently introduced a Checkout With Crypto feature. This means customers can quickly pay using crypto, and the digital currency will be exchanged immediately, meaning one of their 26 million merchants will be none the wiser. So, out of the 26 million merchants using PayPal, we’re pretty confident you can basically buy anything and everything — besides possibly a haircut.