Types of Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Inaccurate and unsecured. These are the terms usually used to describe automated trading. But, here’s the truth:

• You get access to the market around-the-clock, even without you having to check for changes or updates every few minutes or hours

• You have access to multiple markets; therefore, more chances of gaining profits

• You get sophisticated strategies

• You can start trading with 100 dollars or even less

• Advanced traders and inexperienced newbies both can benefit from trading bots

• You can trade securely since some websites or platforms implement strict security protocols to protect each of their clients (also thanks to the new security upgrades)

There’s more to discover from trading bots. But here, we’ll discuss the different types of automated crypto trading for further understanding. 

Technical Trading Bots

Known as the conservative best friend of traders, this type of automated trading utilizes signals and indicators to anticipate potential price movements and then use them to generate earnings. Technical trading is so popular and has been used by investors and traders alike. It executes multiple strategies based upon technical indicators, plus it is supported on the most popular exchanges.

Trend Trading Bots

The simplest bot trading you’ll ever come across with. It works by responding to direct market changes. Complex algorithms are not required to predict analysis or others. What you need is a small investment to help you get started.

Market Making Bots

It is solely based on constantly buying and selling cryptocurrency assets to get the spread between the sell and buy price as the value vacillates. The software will automatically and incessantly put limit orders to gain from the spread. While profitable, the competition around this automated trading bot is so intense.

Arbitrage Bots

It makes use of the concept of arbitrage. Here, the bots are programmed to trail the difference between the price of coins in varying markets. Traders sell the coin where it is higher and buy it where the value is lower. The code requires a bit of work, which could be a drawback for some.

Profile/Portfolio Automation Bots

Instead of active trading, the bots focus on helping the users to make, acquire, and maintain a portfolio they want. Users dedicate their effort using this bot to automate repetitive, tedious tasks. What makes it very popular is that you won’t necessitate to key in additional code, besides boasting a variety of well-researched market indices and other essential tools.

Copy Trading

As its name suggests, traders can automatically copy the trade of other users. Thanks to the crypto and Forex trading platform that helped circularize its popularity in the digital currency community. Traders can also benefit from the algorithm trading strategies without having to throw your private key control overboard.

Coin Lending Bots

If you want to automate the trading process, spend minimal time finding the right interest rate, and capitalize from potential rises in lending options, this automated trading bot is definitely for you. Some lending bots are free of charge, while others conduct margin funding.


Whether you’re a casual trader or an investor with years of experience in the crypto market, chances are, you may find profitable gains in automated trading bots. Bitcoin Digital and other reliable websites offer a massive opportunity for everyone to earn at their comfort, anywhere in the world. Though, platforms differ in their intricacies. Users with some trading knowledge, financial skill, and analytical attainment will have an advantage. That’s very evident. Newbies can use it as a great experience to learn basic trading, plus generating income might be at your disposal even if your trading experience says otherwise.