Tools for Anti-Fraud Solutions by Covery

Fraud is a sad phenomenon of our day. Scammers are targeting ordinary people, businessmen, celebrities, and even government agencies. Their data is stolen, published, manipulated, etc. Moreover, hacker attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and advanced.

However, there are mechanisms of protection against fraudsters and effective anti-fraud solutions. People who do it professionally are ready to help those experiencing real or potential threats from dishonest people. 

Combating Fraud in E-Commerce With Covery

Online platform Covery has been combating fraud and proposing anti-fraud solutions since 2016. The main components of this platform are 

  •  fraud detection
  •  fraud neutralization
  •  fraud prevention

The popular e-commerce domain is one of the main targets for fraudsters. They are interested in the personal data of customers, in particular, details of customers' bank cards. That is why fraud prevention and fraud prevention are the main tasks for e-commerce merchants. 

Numerous companies in the USA and Europe have got powerful and efficient anti-fraud protection thanks to the Covery fraud defense system. Its experience with assisting companies of different sizes allows us to say that the secret of success lies in fraud detection software. Artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms are actively used by Covery for solving emerging fraud problems. 

Among the specific programs offered by the Covery for the needs of anti-fraud solutions are the following:

  • Account takeover fraud prevention solution. This anti-fraud solution saves businesses from scams and reputation losses by stopping account takeovers on the fly. 
  • Card-not-Present fraud solution. This tool saves businesses from chargebacks, account takeovers, fishing, identity theft, etc.
  • Synthetic Identity Theft Protection. This anti-fraud service saves businesses from money laundering and revenue losses.

Some Tools for Fraud Protection by Covery

For efficient protection of your business you can try some of the Covery fraud solutions and products that can work as standalone services for your business, or as a part of comprehensive end-to-end risk mitigation and fraud prevention strategy:

  •  Trustchain. Global reputation database that allows you to estimate the reputation of your potential customers or partners. Trustchain reputation records help determine whether a customer is a risky one based on their previous history of online transactions in various industries.
  • Device fingerprinting. This anti-fraud solution collects device data through advanced IT technologies.
  •  Risk-trust scoring. This technology is aimed at verifying the right business flow or partners and clients that can be placed in the green zone of your business.

There is no problem with fraudsters that cannot be solved with a combination of different mechanisms and tools offered by Covery. Contact the company, and a highly professional team will select fraud solutions and tools that will work for your particular needs. With Covery's assistance, your e-commerce will be absolutely safe for you and your customers!