Smart contracts audit

Today, in a world where most payments are settled electronically, it is important to create a smart contract. A «smart contract» refers to electronic conditions, upon agreement of which both parties exchange funds, exchange shares, and many other assets. A prerequisite is the creation of a decentralized network, and a cryptocurrency or token becomes a tool for payments.

Smart contracts have successfully proven themselves in various areas, among which standout:

 • insurance issues;

• trading operations;

• partnerprograms;

• gambling;

• issues are related to taxation.

To make this complex system work, you need to know all the nuances and be able to build it skill fully. Smart contract audit companies, consisting of a team of professionals, can help with this.

What is ICO in simple words?

ICO implies an innovative option for investing finance in projects, which appeared with the development of various cryptocurrencies. This term is considered an abbreviation of the name Initial Coin Offering. If you translate everything literally, then this is the «initial coinplacement».

These terms are often found on the way for people interested in investing and earning cryptocurrencies. ICO smart contract in simple words is the collection of finance for a specific purpose on the side. Various projects take part in the ICO, which have a direct connection with the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

An audit may be needed in some cases:

The audit will give more confidence to investors that the contract takes into account and protects their interests;

Before adding a token to the exchange, the latter may request you to conduct an audit;

The presence of an audit on the site will give you a higher rating on ICO trackers and listings;

An audit conducted by a third party may reveal other flaws in the logic of the smart contract.

Successful project together with our specialists

Our company helps in the creation, conduct, and organization of smart contract auditors ICO and pre ICO. Professionals in their field will develop a whole complex for the implementation of your project and provide its marketing analysis. A well-developed strategy will also affect the conduct of an advertising campaign, and with the least costly options for attracting investment.

From our side, you get the development of the security part, as well as the creation and implementation of defi payment instruments with maximum reliability and minimum risks. The main task of the project that we will be working on is following the technical requirements and financial logic, which plays an important role in the audit of smart contracts and the implementation of payment systems. All work is done in the shortest possible time, undergoes rigorous testing for errors, and only after we make sure that everything works smoothly.

An audit of smart contracts, performed by our specialists, will give more confidence to the investors with whom you will work, and also ensures that no errors are made in the code that could give hackers access to funds.

An audit allows you to get a rating on ICO trackers and listings, as well as easily identify any shortcomings in the system. By contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive competent and reliable cooperation that will help your smart contract to work at full capacity.