Reviews on Platforms Used for Bitcoin Exchanges

Are you in the process of looking for a decent place where you can do some Bitcoin day trading? Or perhaps you are wondering where Bitcoin Exchanges often take place? If you are new to Bitcoins, reading reviews of Bitcoin trading and exchange platforms can certainly help you make an informed decision. Remember that if you sign up for any of this platform, you are giving them your full trust that they will not steal your Bitcoins and that they will not take your money without giving the Bitcoins you have purchased from them. So refer to the list below for some details about seven companies.


Coinbase is the best choice for Bitcoin Exchanges if your main concerns are security and ease of use. If you link your bank account with Coinbase, you will have to send them money in order to purchase Bitcoins at the current offer price. They will have to wait for a few days before sending your Bitcoins in order to ensure that your transaction clears. As you know, Bitcoin is a murky financial area and just like with most companies online, Coinbase simply do not want to risk any identity theft or other problems. But as soon as the transaction clears, they will immediately give you access to your Bitcoins.

After 30 days since your last transaction with Coinbase, you will be given an option to add a credit card into your account so you will be able to take advantage of “instant buy” option which is up to 1 BTC per day. The platform that Coinbase uses is very popular and allows you to own and manage your Bitcoins in the easiest way possible. They are also great when it comes to security features and user authentication so your account will be safe with them. Basically, Coinbase is a trading platform used for Bitcoin Exchanges.


Individuals or groups can open accounts to buy and sell Bitcoins through Bitstamp for as long as they verify their identity in accordance to the European compliance standards. First of all, Bitstamp is famed for their excellent level of customer support. Their withdrawal and deposit times are just within the normal perimeter which is from 2 to 5 business days.

The first step to using Bitstamp for your Bitcoin Exchanges is to register to their website and set up an account. They will then verify your account and the process would require entering additional identity information such as your first name and last name, address, birth date, as well as scanned copies of a government issued ID.

Once your account is verified, you can immediately send and receive money. For deposit, simply transfer the Bitcoins to the address that they provided for your account. There is no fee charged for this. As soon as your Bitcoins arrive, you can start trading immediately.

Bitstamp operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can pretty much do Bitcoin exchanges at anytime you want to. If you want to be able to buy or sell Bitcoins at the current market price, you can take advantage of what they call the instant orders. After that, they will execute your order at the best price. So if you’re looking for a reputable company with excellent customer service, Bitstamp would be a great choice.

Reviews on Platforms Used for Bitcoin Exchanges

Mt. Gox

Mt. Gox was one of the most popular Bitcoin Exchanges. Unfortunately, it has gone through a loss and in fact, right now, they are no longer in operation. Nevertheless, it would be ideal if we take a look at some of its features so we would know if other exchanges could suffer the same fate as it did.

You might find “Mt. Gox” to be an unlikely name for an exchange. But this actually stands for “Magic the Gathering Online Exchange”. And although they are no longer in operation now, all those who were involved with Bitcoins for the past year are very much familiar with this medium of Bitcoin exchange. Everyone who has traded with Bitcoins is certainly familiar with Mt. Gox, ever since it was launched in the year 2010.

Mt. Gox was well established, but the biggest problem happened when competitors came into the picture. According to some sources, Bitstamp has overtaken Mt. Gox when it comes to trading volume. An appraisal of the company cannot be made without having to mention the problems that they have faced with their users, which until now, they are actually facing. This is especially true when withdrawing funds.

There were many instances that the exchange has suspended the withdrawal of US funds, although it resumed at a later time. This expectedly led to a loss and since then, users are no longer confident to use Mt. Gox as their medium of Bitcoin Exchanges. If you check out some forums, a lot of people will complain about not receiving their funds.

Mt. Gox has actually partnered with a content delivery network to somehow improve the performance of the site. Yet, this has not changed the withdrawal issue that Mt. Gox has faced. Until eventually, the company was left with no other choice but to close down.

Bitcoin CFD trading

Bitcoin CFD provides the opportunity to speculate the price of the market without owning bitcoin. Traders can buy or sell Bitcoin CFD and gain more from large swings. This gives traders much more flexibility with trading strategy.

Exchanges rely on volume so that if less people are trading, there would be more open orders. Brokers rely on liquidity providers, which offer instant execution.

So if you are looking for a platform for Bitcoin Exchanges that will keep your account safe and secure, then Bitcurex is the way to go. The best thing about them is that signing up for an account is extremely very easy and will not take up a lot of your time.