Future of Metaverse and Cryptocurrency

These days, there have been a lot of projects starting up to create the next generation web known as «the metaverse.» This will be a virtual space created by combining various forms of media such as texts, games like at PlayAmo, videos, and graphics.

A New Reality

Imagine... if you can, a movie theater with an entrance in New York City, London, Tokyo, and many other cities. When your family gets to the front door of the theater in NYC. Once at the counter, the employee asks each person what they want to drink and how many boxes of candy they would like. You mention that you will take 2 popcorn-flavored ice cubes with a side of sour watermelon gummies. She puts these items in a large bag, attaches some kind of computing device to it, scans your ticket bar code again, scans the QR code on the bag holding your snacks, and hands it back to you. You then go sit down in one of the hundreds of different chairs next to hundreds more groups who are sharing their snacks or conversing in various languages about their commute: New York City: subway, London: bus, Tokyo: train.

You find yourself in an infinite number of universes created by countless people from all over the world. Each universe is different and unique, shaped by the memories and experiences of those who live there. There are infinite universes, all existing simultaneously, which we cannot see unless we choose to visit them. The only way we know they exist is because each person has a bar code on their wrist which allows us to track them from the universe to the universe...

Welcome to the Metaverse!

A metaverse is a theoretical future version of what will come after virtual reality becomes more popularized in modern society.

There are several criteria for this Metaverse to be considered a success. It needs to look realistic enough that it doesn't look fake. It needs to feel immersive to feel like they're experiencing whatever they're doing in their digital avatar. And finally, it's got to be functional – people need to be able to do certain things, or it's not of any use. Something like this aims to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. It also makes money because many companies have moved from traditional media and entertainment to online ones. For instance, YouTube, Twitch, and even Facebook.

Metaverse is primarily a decentralized platform. Anyone can build digital assets and applications using smart contracts and blockchain technology. Yet, it's certainly not the only cryptocurrency with such big ambitions. Nxt, Ethereum, and Waves also appear as direct competitors in this field of business. This is because they try to solve the same issues with similar solutions. Status is a coin where you can do almost everything in public. Other coins have a higher level of privacy by default, like Monero.

How does Cryptocurrency in Metaverse look like?

Like a lot of emerging cryptocurrencies, Metaverse is based on blockchain technology. It is an open-source, public platform built upon blockchain intelligent contracts. It is used for creating distributed network applications. The cryptocurrency token of the platform is called ETP. It allows underlining digital assets to be registered, exchanged, gambled. It can also be engaged in other activities within virtual worlds.

To exchange goods within the digital world, some form of payment needs to exist. In general terms, any type of money can involve fiat currencies. Or even a points system that only represents a particular value inside the digital realm (e.g., WOW tokens). However, there are also cases where fully operational trading platforms reduce risk by involving «real» money.


Bitcoin is the most outstanding example of cryptocurrency. It has already emerged as a mainstream payment method in online casinos. As well as various remote gambling services worldwide.

It is transparent and has a relatively stable exchange rate. It seemed like an excellent idea for Metaverse founders to use Bitcoin (and ETP) trading pairs when launching their platform in late 2016.

Considering the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, new platforms emerge daily. So, many different coins or tokens are available for trade. For instance, most successful exchanges allow customers to use digital assets and fiat currencies (USD/EUR/YEN). So, Metaverse ETP wants to distinguish itself by providing traders with all the capabilities of Ethereum Classic.

It sees itself as a platform for developers rather than just an exchange for cryptocurrencies.

That is why they focus so much on the website and promotional materials to provide information about the whole system to potential users.

Currently, there are more than 100 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap. So it can be challenging to decide which one would fit your needs best.

Metaverse offers you an opportunity to engage in the low-risk business working with accurate financial transactions. It all happens within the decentralized network. Take your chance to test your luck with ETP betting games.