From Helping Gamers to Connecting Crypto Fanatics

Caption: Just as cryptocurrencies help connect the world, so too does Discord, allowing people to share knowledge and opinions no matter where they happen to be based on the planet

Discord is an app that grew out of the world of online gaming and streaming, where people who interacted in gaming lobbies and using the chat functions of their favorite streamers wanted to connect on a more personal level.

Discord was perfect for this, allowing whole communities of gamers and Esports fans to come together via video messaging, live video calls, audio messages and much more. These days the platform is still abuzz with vast online communities, many of whom even get together in real life.

However, what was once solely the realm of gamers has now become something much broader, attracting people who have many different interests than those only connected to gaming. One of those interests is cryptocurrency, around which lots of interesting Discord groups have been growing of late. Here are some of the ones to look out for, as well as some of the future applications that Discord could have in the world of cryptocurrencies.

How Gamers Got Others Involved in Discord

Since the unstoppable rise of Esports and competitive online gaming, Discord has been ever present. The boundaries of who is a consumer, an athlete, and a content provider are beginning to merge and blur. Many fans of gaming feel like they are every bit as involved in the development of games and influential in the careers of top players as official developers and Esports team managers are.

This unique attitude was partly brought about by Discord, which allowed groups of players to design and shape the communities they wanted to see online rather than having them built for them by other people.

Such an immersive approach then quickly spread to other online games that can be considered Esports. Many gamers have other interests outside of traditional video games but unlike other online communication tools Discord allows its users to stream, record, spectate and listen to all manner of things at the same time. This becomes particularly useful for players of games like chess and poker, who want a platform that lets them play across multiple tables, check up on their rivals’ live stream, and make it easy to strategize with friends or even a coach.

From Helping Gamers to Connecting Crypto Fanatics

Caption: Discord used to all be about gamers and Esports, but it has since branched out to other groups who saw how useful it could be for them as well

What Crypto Enthusiasts Use Discord For

Because lots of gamers happen to be keen followers of the fluctuations of crypto trading, they also tend to be the people who have set up crypto themed Discord groups.

That said, crypto Discord groups have now taken on a mind of their own on the platform. It's possible to find people offering services such as 1-on-1 trading courses, as well as divulging premium trade signals that often just cannot be found elsewhere. All this happens in real time, meaning that any and all information is as up-to-date as it can possibly be.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the information divulged will always be correct, but as a means of communication and knowledge sharing, Discord is hard to beat.

Discord Vital as Gaming and Crypto Intersect

There is another reason why crypto enthusiasts will become more and more infatuated with Discord, and that is because of how quickly Esports and streaming platforms are themselves welcoming cryptocurrencies with open arms.

Indeed, there are now many games developers who are looking at the possibility of not only selling their products in return for cryptocurrencies, but going even further to allow players to win crypto rewards while they play a game. With these sorts of synergies already underway, there is no doubt that plenty more innovative Discord groups will be springing up soon, allowing people to discuss and study their favorite games and crypto coins simultaneously.