Earn Money With These NFT Games in 2022

NFTs are now widespread, and everyone is looking to invest in them. They are virtual assets with a unique signature and ownership history. And it is not just about art, images, and celebrity tweets. Developers are also creating blockchain games to take advantage of this craze. While most people use NFT as collectibles, some use it as a medium to earn money. Some games even allow you to build things like houses or cities with your NFTs.

Several games can be played using NFTs; here are some of them:

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a blockchain game that combines elements of Pokémon, World of Warcraft, and a lot of other games. You can collect creatures, train your tokens, and watch them battle other players while exploring the world.

It has a similar approach to collectible card games in which you can play with friends. In this way, people can have fun playing the game while also earning money by selling their cards.

In addition to NFTs, Evolution Land also has its cryptocurrency called ELAND Token. The revenue generated by the platform will be shared with those who hold ELAND Tokens in their wallets. These tokens are distributed according to various factors such as holding time, reputation, or number of friends invited. A maximum of 2% from each transaction is shared with token holders.


This game allows you to create a football team using NFTs. The players in your team will earn you points based on their performance in real-time matches. You can compete with your friends by creating a fantasy league and winning prizes.

Chain Z Arena

Chain Z Arena is a competitive strategy game with collectible cards that you can use to battle it out with other players on the blockchain. The game has over 1,000 cards, and you will be able to build your decks with these cards. The card battles play out in real-time, where you'll order your minions and special characters to attack your opponent's base and defend your own.

The game has a single-player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode. Chain Z Arena's economy is based on Ethereum, and each card is an ERC-1155 token which means you can transfer them to other players if you want to trade or sell them. You can even hold on to them in your crypto wallet as they may appreciate over time.

Crypto Kitties

The popular blockchain game Crypto Kitties is one of the first games to use NFTs in gameplay, and it was popular enough to slow down Ethereum's network in 2017. A CryptoKitty with the name Dragon sold for 600 ETH back in 2018, almost half a million US dollars. The game is still around today, and lets players collect digital cats by breeding them through the app.

F1 DeltaTime

F1 DeltaTime is a racing game that allows players to collect and trade NFTs for cars and drivers. The game was developed by Animoca Brands, the same company behind The Sandbox, which has raised $3 million from investors to sell digital land parcels and items in its NFT marketplace.