Crypto Listing Agency

Listing is the procedure for adding digital coins to the lists of available instruments on trading floors. After being added to the lists, they become available for sale and purchase and are included in quotes.

The market of cryptocurrency is actively developing, and thousands of new coins are issued every year. The high level of competition poses a more acute question for the creators concerning popularizing their coins. Therefore, a listing is one of the main factors in the recognition of cryptocurrencies, and here, the listing agency can be helpful.

Basics of the Process

The initiators of the procedure, as a rule, are the developers of the coin. Sometimes,  trading platforms can take the initiative and add an asset if the coin is already in demand among traders.

How to do this? Methods may differ, depending on the chosen platform and its popularity. Every trading platform sets its own rules and requirements for adding an asset. Some of them set quite high standards, while others are more loyal to new cryptocurrencies.

To be added, the issuer needs to go through several stages:

·  Fill in the form, where one needs to specify the basic data: creation date, Github page, White paper, mining possibility, emission, etc.

·  According to the received information, the trading platform analyzes profitability and liquidity.

·  The obtained results are then used by the special commission to make a final decision on adding it to the list.

·  If the decision is positive, the agreement is formed.

The main criteria for inclusion are usefulness, value, and functionality. One more important criterion is security since if the network is hacked, it is bad for the exchange. They also check the reputation and professionalism of developers.

Sometimes, websites hold contests and surveys among traders. Bidders are invited to vote for pre-listed coins. The winning cryptocurrency will be added to the list.

What Is the Cost?

Listing is basically a paid procedure, but there are exceptions. The cost depends on the popularity of the trading platform. Small platforms most often include new promising cryptocurrencies in the lists for free, and large platforms require money for analysis, and the amounts can be tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adding to the listing is a decisive moment in determining the future value of cryptocurrency. If the developers managed to achieve the placement on major exchanges, they can count on an increase in value and popularity.