Bitcoin's Young Entrepreneurs and Educators

Since their inception in 2009, the growth of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, has been spectacular and unprecedented. Although still in its infancy, the promising potential of bitcoin has already bewitched entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy. With apps like the gaining momentum, bitcoin transactions have become even more convenient and hassle-free.

The numerous benefits that come with the use of digital currencies over fiat money have enchanted many people worldwide into using them as their primary mode of transactions. Although people of all ages have been found to use and invest in bitcoins, as with any other digital innovation, the youth has taken it on themselves to help bitcoin attain undiscovered heights of success.

 Many young entrepreneurs have invested in bitcoin, while many others have implemented the technology innovatively to their own venture, using this financial tool to their advantage in their entrepreneurial journey. The journeys of these youngsters are indeed awe-inspiring. Read on and find out about some of the most talented entrepreneurs and educators of bitcoin.

The Sabra Sisters

When the three sisters were introduced to the world of cryptocurrency by their uncle, no one could have probably imagined that the girls would go on to become successful Tech entrepreneurs, writing books to popularise digital currencies. With readers from all over the world, JuJu, GiGi, and Jojo have already become bestselling authors, although they are merely tweens.

With over 14 successful and popular Kindle books to their credit, the sisters' books have been downloaded over 55000 times just in the past year. The girls now write books and blogs to popularise the captivating world of cryptocurrency, not only for adults but also for children.

The Huntzinger Brothers

Based out of the Cache Valley, Northern Utah, the three brothers, aged 11 to 15 years old, who suddenly decided to catch a swarm of bees just as an experiment, have become one of the youngest and most successful bitcoin entrepreneurs. The young boys, who are called Nate, Sam, and Ben, had never imagined that the free-spirited experiment that they had once begun as a part of a fun activity would take the form of a budding business and cause them to make headlines frequently.

The business was already flourishing when the boys heard about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. It did not take them long to decide that the decentralized nature of this currency would be perfect to further their business ideas. Yet to graduate High School, the boys have already made a name for themselves and are well-versed in the finance world.

Dan Morehead

The Chairperson of Pantera Ventures, Dan Morehead, is a veteran Goldman trader, having previously served as the director of macroeconomic trade and finance for Detroit Tigers. Dan's firm, Pantera Ventures, is the first investment firm focusing on cryptocurrencies in the world. Having created their first portfolio in 2014, Pantera Ventures had become one of the largest institutional investors of cryptocurrencies by 2019.

With their assets including financial businesses, exchange platforms like Bitinstant, and coin trading sites like Aeon, Morehead's Pantera Ventures has given over 24000 times returns to their investors.

Roger Ver

Called the «Bitcoin Christ», Roger Ver is one of the first Bitcoin entrepreneurs to have amassed over 90,000 bitcoins. A well-known libertarian, Ver was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies at a very young age, and has since then educated himself about the nitty-gritty of this universe.

Dropping out of university to pursue a career in cryptocurrency investments, Ver sees cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to establish an ideal democratic social order.

People from all over the world, irrespective of their age, location, or perspective, can make use of cryptocurrencies for making money and establishing themselves successfully.


Bitcoin trading becomes really easy to understand if only one has access to the internet. To start a career in trading and investing in bitcoins, all one needs to do is understand how this e-currency works. The stories of such young entrepreneurs and educators carving a space for themselves are indeed inspiring for many others.