5 Things to Do with Cryptocurrencies During the Coronavirus Lockdown


It does not matter whether you are a successful Crypto investor or someone who is just starting out familiarising oneself with the ecosystem. In recent months, you have probably devoted too much time to reading about the ‘Bitcoin Halving’. You are also frequently following up on how Coronavirus is affecting the prices of Bitcoins and other crypto.

Let us pause for a moment and step back. Let me also give you some good news to help allay some of your fears. Bitcoin is going through one of its strongest rallies in recent years. All through 2020, we can expect it to keep rising to steady levels.

In this article, we are going to discuss five things, which you can do with Bitcoins during the Coronavirus lockdown. Some of them are fun, while others are educative in nature.

5 Top Things to do with your Crypto during the Coronavirus Lockdown: The List

1. Support a Charity or Donate with Cryptocurrencies

The world is going through some tough times. Everywhere we look around the world, we are seeing human beings in trouble. Be it the lack of PPE kits or the millions of people who have lost their lives, almost everyone is looking for financial help.

The Red Cross is one among the many global agencies fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. They are accepting help from everyone who wants to come forward, including the ones who want to help with cryptocurrencies as donations. 

2. Buy things from Small Businesses and Merchants who accept Cryptocurrencies

We all know how small business establishments have been the worst hit because of the Coronavirus lockdown. Being out of work for nearly three months, they have lost all their savings, employees and other all avenues of earnings.

If it is possible, help small businesses who accept crypto as payments by buying things from them, either online or in the form of takeaways. Many small restaurants have always been positive in accepting crypto as payments. Now is your chance to do something good for them. 

3. Explore other areas and avenues of tech investments

Technology is constantly evolving. There are new avenues, which are showing a lot of promise all the time. If you have invested in Bitcoins or other crypto, you should always keep a wide worldview when it comes to other technological innovations.

For example, rapid progress is being made in Artificial Intelligence, Stem Cell technology, Medicinal Trials, Renewable sources of energy and other innovative industries. You never know how a small investment will become a million dollar one in a few years or even months. 

4. Improve your knowledge about the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem in details-

Questions like does investing in the Crypto Exchange of another country advantageous from an investor standpoint? Or, should other currencies be used to buy Bitcoins other than dollars a great idea? These are questions, which a seasoned investor will be easily able to answer.

The lockdown can be a perfect opportunity to brush up your knowledge or delve deeper into the finer aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem. By understanding where Bitcoin and other crypto are headed, you could be in a much better position for the future. 

5. Stay Happy and Be Positive during the Lockdown

The final piece of thing to do with your cryptocurrency is for you to stay happy and positive as an investor. Too much worrying about your investments is going to rob you of your mental peace. Given this and the Coronavirus pandemic, you might lose your peace of mind.

Try not worrying about things, which are not in your control. If you are experiencing boredom, you can start trading on a lighter note on Bitcoins. The Coronavirus pandemic can be the perfect opportunity to emerge as the next bitcoin superstar