Australia is a popular destination among European tourists because of its fascinating nature. The sixth-largest country in the world has many special features and that, although the culture is still quite young with about 200 years. After all, this country has many interesting places to indulge in gambling, so as online casinos to relax, spend your time and make money. Let’s take a look at the biggest land-based casinos in Australia, so as the online CasinoChan Australia. So, you are planning to spend your next vacation in Australia, you can choose between these options.


Anyone planning to visit such a place or booking a vacation in Australia and spending some time in a casino should visit Australian land-based casinos. In Australia, the most popular casino games are poker and slot machines. Of course, visitors will also find all the other well-known card and table games in the gambling establishments. The legal minimum age to gamble in an Australian casino is 18 years. Besides gambling, the land-based casinos in Australia usually offer a bar, a restaurant and even live entertainment. Adelaide Casino has hundreds of casino games and the latest poker games to offer. Furthermore, tourists should definitely visit the casino in Canberra. There, a lot of emphasis is placed on an elegant ambiance, and the gambling there has a stylish, and elegant note.

High rollers are guaranteed to get their money's worth. The Crown Casino is even a real entertainment complex, as it can be found in Las Vegas. In addition to gambling, there is also a hotel where you can stay overnight. Crown Resorts is one of the largest casinos in Australia, that it is located in Melbourne. On the other hand, if you are planning a visit to Perth, you should definitely visit the Crown Perth Casino and play casino games there. Because there you can find the largest number of slot machines and poker machines. Besides the casinos mentioned above, there are many other places in Australia where casino games can be played.


Online gambling in Australia is legal — ever since the country was settled, gambling has been an Australian tradition. It didn't hit it big in the Commonwealth until the late 1990s. Around the year 2000, the first anti-gambling actions took place in the capital. It was clear that the Australian government was interested in the business. In 2001 there was the Interactive Gambling Act in Australia (IGA), that did not make online gambling illegal for gamblers, but focused on some restrictions for online casino providers in Australia. Anyway, online gambling in Australia is legal since the online casino provider has a license. For example, CasinoChan has a license of Curacao. Australians love their gambling casino — especially the pokies. «Pokie» is slang for «poker machine,» the Australian word for a slot machine. Australians love slot machines even more than Americans and spend billions of dollars on the game every year. If you are going to get a gambling experience in an Australian casino, don’t hesitate. As we have already mentioned before, you have a great choice between land-based casinos and virtual ones. People from Australia enjoy virtual slot games so much, that they have even their own word for poker virtual slot machines — pokies. The Australian online casinos are also modern, many of them support cryptocurrency and offer live online games with real croupiers. Blackjack, Roulette, simple slot machines can be also found in many of them in case the player likes traditional poker games more than the new ones.