Over the last four months, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have broken one record after another, increasing both in value as well as in demand. After almost three years of negativity, bad reputation, financial scandals and unfavourable rumours, crypto coins are at their highest ever level of popularity. This has helped these digital assets claim a much bigger piece of the online trading pie, and it has made those who were loyal to cryptocurrencies richer in just a matter of months. However, after this incredible rally, many are starting to worry that the price of Bitcoin and of every other crypto will soon show signs of decline and lethargy. 

Can Anything Stop Bitcoin’s Unbelievable Momentum?

It is normal for investors to worry about a new Bitcoin bubble burst. It has already happened once, and it can always happen again. Nevertheless, is it also normal to hope for new record values, considering that Bitcoin went over the $40.000 mark just days after reaching $30.000. With unregulated financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, there is nothing saying that BTC cannot go from 40K to 100K in two weeks’ time. On the other hand, it can also go down to 3K, just like it did in December of 2018. Indeed, we should point to the mini-slump of 11th January 2021, where Bitcoin hurtled down towards $34,000 in the space of a few hours. This reminded many of us that we should not take the rally for granted.

A positive sign in today’s crypto-economy is that “healthy” investors and large corporations are increasing their trust in these assets, incorporating them both in their investment plans as well as in their transactional procedures. 

Bitcoin is already being used as a payment method, not only in countries where the local currency is unstable, but also in countries with solid economies. The same applies to businesses and knowing what we know today, it will not be long before we see Bitcoin transactions replacing deposits and withdrawals with Entro pay at Slots Heaven and at other online gaming sites. The digital nature of these assets, allows for easy online transactions and many people use them as frequently as they use popular e-wallets and debit cards for their payments. Even though cryptocurrencies remain unregulated, the real economy, commerce and society, in general, are helping financial assets such as Bitcoin assume their role as the new form of money.

Can Anything Stop Bitcoin’s Unbelievable Momentum?

Regaining their popularity and their value has been a very important development for cryptocurrencies. The more people see these assets performing positively, the higher the investment in cryptos will be. Many are worried that they have already missed the opportunity to open a crypto-investment position, as their prices are no longer reasonable for the average pocket. However, the financial market always leaves an investment window open, if one tries to analyse the signs of the market and to find the right opportunity for a new trade.

Finding the window of opportunity for a crypto-trade will not be easy, not only because cryptocurrencies are unregulated, but also because they do not seem to be affected by developments that affect the majority of the traditional assets. During a terrible year for the global economy, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin thrived, becoming more valuable than they have ever been before. Making a crypto trade will need to be done carefully and after serious consideration of all the things that can go wrong. This does not only apply to occasional traders, but also to those who have years of experience behind them.