Valentine's Regatta for 1 BTC!

Valentine's Regatta for 1 BTC! An exciting new game format!

No minimum bet for which you get tickets that give you a chance to win!

No semi-annual tournaments!

No random number generators!

Just your experience, strategy and luck!

For one week only! From 14.02 to 21.02 in

Participate in the celebratory Valentine's Day Regatta! Prize pool of 1 BTC will be divided between first 10 places!

Play and win at dice, roulette, slots, mines and crashes and if you do it better than others, Valentine will reward you with a 1 BTC prize!

Valentine's Regatta for 1 BTC!

Regatta terms and conditions:

Regatta is a wagering contest where players compete on the highest amount of wagered bets for a set amount of time. The highest bidders receive a reward from the regatta prize pool.

Bets in all currencies are counted as progress towards the increase of your Wagered amount. The exceptions may apply to bonus amounts in some cases.

Each regatta has a prize pool which is awarded to players according to their place in the leaderboard. The higher your place — the higher your share of the prize.

Only those currencies in which you made a deposit added to your progress in Regatta. Unless the received bonuses in the respective currency are more than deposits.


All games are based on provably fair technology, guaranteeing fairness and transparency

for the results of calculations for each bet

• Up to 400 bets per second in Lightspeed mode of dice game

• House edge is 1% only (except for roulette, for which it mathematically can’t be less than


• No KYC, absolute privacy for players

• Instant automated deposits and withdrawals

• Daily wagering contest with 0.0008 BTC prize fund

• Rakeback up to 25% of players’ deposits

• Cool VIP-ranking system with a lot of benefits

• Shop where players can buy temporary VIP-status with its benefits

• Social environment: chat, friends functional, messages between players

• Live support chat

• The bank — safe balance for any currency

• PRDC, internal currency that allows players to test new features and buy VIP-status at

Paradice shop

• Dynamic affiliate program with 10% to 25% commission of the house edge of referrals’ bets

(depending on total referrals wagered)

• Only in-house developed games

• Adaptive user interface — it works on any devices

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