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Roulette is one of the oldest classic casino games that people all around the world enjoy to play for fun and/or for real money payouts. The game comes from France and it has been played for centuries now being one of Europe's favorite gambling activities which in fact doesn't require players to deposit any real money! By playing roulette you will have access to wagers that range from 1 cent up to hundreds of dollars per bet. Your goal is to predict the outcome of a spinning wheel which has 38 separately numbered pockets on it. There will be two zeroes and two green numbers printed on the wheel. One zero is located in between the other numbers. The second zero sits at the end of the last pocket and it's known as «the house number».

The game begins with players placing their bets on one of five betting areas that include:

— Single numbers or 'Straight Up' wagers

— Doubles wagers (these are also known as 'Split Bets')

— Six Line Wagers (also known as 'Common Way' wagers)

— Street Wagers (also called 'Line Bet')

— Corner bets (also known as 'Split Bets')

In order to win money, the numbers on your roulette wheel have to match with those of yours. When betting on a single number for example you are wagering on whether that number will be drawn or not. In case you place an additional bet and cover more than one number, then you'll be in the winning position only if all the numbers covered do occur. If there are no successful combinations then the game is finished and it's time for players to cash out their bets. Keep in mind that there will always be zero and double zero numbers which mean absolutely nothing when predicting a certain outcome of the spinning roulette wheel!