NBA Eastern Conference Favorites

While there is a short break in the NBA associated with the All-Star Game, it's time to assess the strength and prospects of the main contenders for the championship rings. Today, the focus of our attention is the Eastern Conference. Which contender looks stronger than the rest at the moment? From whom should we expect pleasant surprises? And who, on the contrary, has already jumped above his head? Let's try to figure it out.

«Milwaukee Bucks»

According to analysts and bookmakers, the defending champions are the favorites to win their conference this year as well. At the moment, the coefficient on the triumph of the «deer» is 3.65. To bet on such an outcome of the struggle in the Eastern Conference, just download Mostbet türkiye indir or visit the site of this bookmaker.

The Bucks learned last season that titles are won in the playoffs, not in the regular season. Now the team plays in a kind of «power saving» mode and turns on to the maximum only in individual matches. Hence the quite modest balance of wins and losses (36-24). True, the “deer” are only 2 wins behind the leader and we can expect them to break through to the top lines in order to gain the advantage of their site in the playoffs.

NBA Eastern Conference Favorites

Brooklyn Nets

If we evaluate the chances of teams solely on the basis of bookmaker quotes, the «networks» are as close as possible to «Milwaukee». The coefficient for their victory is 3.75.

Brooklyn looks very controversial. On the one hand, the team, of course, has a very cool and talented line-up (almost the best in the entire league), but on the other hand, it has a lot of problems. Durant has missed a lot with injury and playoff health issues cannot be ruled out, Irving is still unvaccinated and can only play away games, Simmons, who came from Philadelphia, has not yet played this season and there are questions about his form.

If Durant is healthy, the vaccination requirement will be lifted and Simmons will quickly clean himself up — Brooklyn should be in the conference finals. If at least one of the elements of this puzzle flies out, options that are not the most pleasant for the fans are possible.