Fresh crypto games in German casinos

Sometimes the thrill of trading altcoins is not enough for an experienced investor. Only if there is a way to turn regular crypto tokens into something similar. And the answer to it is crypto casinos available for EU, the US, and CA players. The hard part is to transition from an exchange website to a gambling one. And that is the purpose of this article, a quick guide for newcomers in electronic entertainment to start winning on day one.

The other side of the coin is the danger of encountering shady gaming companies with machines providing unequal footing for a player and dealer. Some instructions must be given beforehand in order to help novice gamblers navigate the market better. One way is to just give the list of top casinos and gamers while the other is to help making an informed choice.

Choose the cryptocasino manually

Starting with the latter, there is a couple of core habits users better be having while looking for a gambling place for the first time. Starting from the single most important place to look for if the website is a scam or not, these 3 communities do the best job:

  • TrustPilot;
  • AskGamblers;
  • VegasSlots.

Go here and type in the name of the chosen bitcoin casino in order to see if it is blacklisted locally and globally or not. The latter variant is not preferred as using VPN or proxy in most of the virtual gambling facilities may result in a permanent ID ban.

When it comes to the criteria itself each player value some features above another and should find an ideal place themselves. Keeping that in mind, the place must have the following features in order to provide an adequate experience for e-gamblers:

  • multiple security measures;
  • regular updates of the library and promo list;
  • variety of activities;
  • membership bonuses.

Slots, card games, and quick reward machines should be included in the package. The third type of machine may not be familiar for some players and needs to be discussed more. An example of it will be a bitcoin crash game where gamblers just push one button in time. The time passed determines the multiplier on the initial bet. The danger lies in the fact that past the random time period multiplier is turning zero. Something similar to how short exchange trading works which is familiar for crypto investors who use the altcoin market for their income.

Secure place with huge registration rewards

For the blockchain enthusiasts who are still confused with all that gambling jargon, there is still a quick solution. Just register and authorize on these websites to play reel machines and crash slots without any risk for the wallet:

  • FairSpin;
  • RichPrize;
  • Fresh;
  • Towerbet;
  • 24kCasino.

Do not forget to check the «Promo» section after the registration is done on one of these sites. There you can find deposit multiplier and free spin promo codes. It is the best way to get free bitcoins before gambling them in crash machines.