Carden Token (CDN) Top Gainer?

Looking for the next Big Crypto to explode in 2022 ? Try these 3 Coins.

Here are 4 coins that could be the next big crypto to explode:

1) Ethereum

2) Bitcoin

3) Carden Token

Even though Bitcoin recently underwent a correction, trading volume remains strong and stable, and we can predict surpassing 100 000$ in near future, maybe even in the end of 2021. But we are sure it will get there in 2022. We are also sure it will stay there for a while after price stabilizes.

Ethereum predictions are even bigger in terms of percentage. Some prediction sites even go far as 40 000 $ at the end of 2022.

Monero is a story for itself. We can be sure that it will be steady growth also in 2022. We can predict to go to 500$ for sure, maybe even 2000$. 

New player in town will be Carden Token, this token has extremely low ICO price. Group of analysts predicts that this is because they already have large investors, the so-called whales, and they want few customers to equate with them in terms of the number of tokens. In that way there is no price manipulation by large investors when entering the exchange. 

This inventive idea has not yet been seen in the market and says a lot about the team behind the Carden Token and their plans to take over the e-commerce market and then the virtual, metaverse market. They are ready for anything and well thought out. This is our winner in terms of top gainers in 2022.

What is CARDEN (CDN) ?

Carden Token is E-commerce platform for cryptocurrency holders for purchasing real world goods and services.The platform will except Carden accept real world coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple at launch.Carden token will be primary and only token accepted for buying goods and services. Our proprietary currency carden exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Carden token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to Carden token.

Carden pay will be integrated on blockchain payment gateway, connecting retail and e-commerce payments. That way CARDEN delivers lowest rates compared to traditional payment gateways

Carden is ready to become legend of Kraken and 


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