Moonbet launches the world’s first BNB sportsbook & casino, a website launched by Decentralized Gaming Technologies NV, has become the first cryptocurrency betting platform that accepts Binance Coin, the fifth-largest coin in the world today according to Coinmarketcap.

Moonbet’s partnership with industry titan Sportradar means that players can choose from over 30 sports to bet on, with 1000s of markets both pre-match and live in-play betting.

“We have integrated Binance Coin into our offerings due to its extreme popularity and meteoric rise,” says Moonbet CEO Jas Poprawa. “This will allow players from around the world to bet with a top currency, something that no other blockchain sportsbook and casino offers.”

Moonbet launches the world’s first BNB sportsbook & casino

Betting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

Beyond Binance Coin, players can bet with the world’s largest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether, a coin directly tied to the price of the United States dollar.

Featuring a robust sportsbook and a provably fair blockchain casino that includes six games developed by their 10-person team, Moonbet is dedicated to opening up new doors for cryptocurrency betting.

“We are not competing with cryptocurrency casinos, our goal is to provide a gambling platform that rivals the best in the world,” explains Poprawa, a former Director of Sportsbook Operations at a traditional iGaming company.

“This is just the first step for Moonbet. We have many things to add to our platform including more games, slots, different cryptocurrencies to play with, and much more.”

Community-owned crypto casino

What truly sets Moonbet apart from other betting operators is that the platform is owned by the community members that have either purchased MBET tokens during its Initial Coin Offering *(ICO) or through the exchange Bitforex.

“We believe in true decentralization, which means that anybody in the world can be an owner of the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino just by holding the MBET token.”

A unique model, 50% of all profits made by the platform will be distributed to the community members in an automated dividend found in the token’s smart contract.

The other 50% of profits generated will be used to further the progress of the sportsbook and casino, with funds allocated to marketing, development, administration, compliance, and other crucial elements.

Learn more about Moonbet

Moonbet raised $870,000 in an initial seed funding round and ICO, while trading launched on the Bitforex exchange on September 6.

It currently boasts over 3400 holders worldwide, a number which has steadily grown since it’s original launch on July 7.

Those interested in playing in the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino can do so with BNB or the aforementioned cryptocurrencies at

You can learn more about the Moonbet project via email, Telegram, Twitter, and their website.

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