Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

When I spoke with one of the developers of ZENZO, he echoed what many in the space have been pointing out as the white elephant in the room: blockchain games, and blockchain gaming in general, sucks. I whole heartedly agreed as I pointed out that many in this particular niche have googly eyes made up of dollar signs or (₿) symbols, rather than having the gamer’s vibe. Just try to imagine fintech guys and venture capitalists trying to convince the entire gaming world, that they’re building the next Second Life or Minecraft – but on the blockchain.

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

“So, what’s up with ZENZO?” I asked. “What distinguishes it from some xxx other projects that’s going to revolutionize and disrupt the gaming industry?”

It’s built for the gamer, by the gamer, through the blockchain.

My interest was stoked as I prodded for more information. While waiting for his reply, I quickly typed the url

“Our Arcade is a solid competitor in the «crypto gaming» sector, as we provide 100% instant digital delivery of game keys, via email + Arcade dashboard, alongside game developer and player benefits via our ZENZO Forge which allows on-chain integration for games and their mechanics, such as on-chain in-game inventories or P2P item marketplaces powered by ZNZ.”

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

The first thing that came to my mind was that ZENZO was the Crypto-Steam that we deserved, but never really got. Mulling over reinvigorated my curiosity about the games that were available on the platform. Steam, Windows store, Xbox and PlayStation platforms are supported. Instead of USD or fiat, games were priced in ZNZ, ZENZO’s currency. Some games could also be bought with PIVX or BTC. To my surprise, my account reflected 5 ZNZ – a product of me simply joining the ZENZO discord, logging in, heading to the #games channel and typing ‘zattack’ to attack some Samurai bot that’s hanging around.

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

My friend continued: “The arcade also sells games generally under Steam's prices due to retail competition, so people actually benefit from spending crypto to buy their games via the Arcade, instead of fiat and Steam, to prevent game developers from being «burnt» during retail trades, our ZENZO Hatchery plans on providing ZNZ financial support, integration support and development support to game developers and studios, directly.” That makes sense in both ways, for both gamers who are not into cryptocurrency and for crypto-people who want to buy games with their gains, without putting game developers at-risk of retail trading ruining their much needed income.

ZENZO is an excellent way to onboard gamers to cryptocurrency.

I decided to dig deeper and checked out their uniquely named whitepaper innovatively called the Grandmaster’s Scroll. This is where I saw the level of love and vision that went into this project.

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

My friend went on, “Any future games we build will be integrated with our forge SDK for full on-chain inventories.”

“Right now, we are still finding eligible leaders and gamers for e-Sports, and our Twitch channel is growing as our team livestream games alongside other streamers. preparing the 'bigger guns' for when we find enough good contacts for an e-Sports tournament fueled by ZNZ.”

That’s most definitely an avenue worth exploring.

Time to put the ZENZO Arcade to the test.

To acquire more ZENZO, one has to sign up on any of these exchanges: Crex24,, CryptoBridge, Altmarkets or Swiftex.

From my end, I signed up to CryptoBridge and transferred a small amount of BTC so I could buy ZNZ.

Thereafter, I proceeded to transfer the newly acquired ZNZ to the ZENZO arcade by clicking on the upper right corner of the showing my discord account. There I inputted my pin and copied my ZENZO address to deposit.

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

I let my kid choose a game that I’ve never heard of before. But hey, we like surprises!

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?

The email contained the key to the game and within minutes, presto!

Could ZENZO be the Holy Grail of Blockchain Gaming?


The video game industry generated revenue of $43.8 billion dollars in 2018. In 2019, revenue generated by video games surpassed movies and music combined.

ZENZO is positioning itself strategically between two bourgeoning niches: blockchain and games.

We believe that with further innovation and development, it may very well be the holy grail of crypto-gaming we’ve all been waiting for.

For now, my kid and I would be playing a little bit of Vertical Drop!

For more information about ZENZO: