Results of the Australian Football Championship 2021-2022

Description: The Australian Football Championship is currently running and one of the questions in the fans' and bettors' minds is whether Melbourne City FC will defend its title. Find out. 

It is known by different names, some call it Australian Rules Football while others use the terms Australian football, Aussie rule, or simply football or footy. The Australian Football Championship denotes a tournament that is largely a contact sport with two teams, each having eighteen players. The tournament is unique to Australia with historians observing that it predates other modern soccer games, being the first to create an official code of play. If you follow its history, it is known to have started sometime in the 1850s when it was known as the Victorian rules football. Today, the national Australian Football League is the most popular sports tournament, recording great stadium attendance as well as receiving huge television viewing. In this article, we will be exploring the Australian Football Championship as well as looking at the results of the tournament in the current season.

Results of the Australian Football Championship 2021-2022

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The origins

Although it’s such a popular tournament in Australia, its origin remains unclear. Some believe that it was invented as a means of helping cricket players keep fit during their off-season. The sport incorporated elements from different games including soccer, Gaelic football, Marngrook which is an Aboriginal game Ever since it has become a way of life not just for Australians but also for many other people around the world.

Play of the game

Although the game is popular in Australia and other parts of the world, some people may be hearing about the Australian football league championship for the first time. It would be unfair to this group of people if we did not mention something about how the game is played. Australian football is played using an oval ball weighing between 450-480 grams and a short circumference of 21.5 inches.

One unique thing about Australian football is that it does not have a uniform-sized ground. It is played in an oval-shaped field with a width ranging from 110-to 155 meters and a length of between 135-185 meters. Two goals posts measuring 6 meters high and 6.4 meters are placed on each side. For a player to score a goal, the ball has to pass through the goalpost. Each goal registers six points.

Results of 2021-22 season

With this short background, we can now turn to the Australian football championship 2021-2022. Twelve clubs are participating in the 2021-22 Australia football league. They include:

● Adelaide United

● Brisbane Roar

● Central Coast Mariners

● Macarthur FC

● Melbourne City

● Melbourne Victory

● Newcastle Jets

● Perth Glory

● Sydney FC

● Welling Phoenix

● Western Sydney Wanderers

● Western United

Results of the Australian Football Championship 2021-2022

At the top of the league table is Melbourne City which has so far garnered forty points in the twenty-one games that they have played so far. The league leaders have won eleven games, drew seven, and lost only three matches. The Second on the table is Western United, followed by Adelaide United, Wellington Phoenix, and Macarthur FC completing the top five teams with twenty-seven and twenty-six points respectively. Perth Glory is at the bottom of the table, having garnered fourteen points out of the eighteen games that they have played so far.

The question that many are asking about the Australian football league championship Reddit is whether Melbourne City will defend their 2020-21 League Championship and Premiership titles. The team’s performance so far points to another successful year. They are leading at the table and if they continue with the current trend, the championship, as well as the premiership, will be theirs to lose. The club which was founded as Melbourne Heart in 2009 has claimed one premiership and championship but the team is poised for a great performance in this and future seasons.

Top scorers

As of 30th March 2022, Jamie Maclaren of Melbourne City was topping the scores table. The player has so far scored thirteen goals. The striker is not new to this kind of performance; he is a three-time Golden Boot winner who has scored 19 goals in the 2016-17 season, 22 in the 2019-20 season, and 25 in the last season. It will be interesting to know whether he will do it again. He may defend his title given that the second-best scorer in this tournament Beka Mikeltadze has managed to put only nine goals behind the net. With such a huge difference and also given that the top scorer is in good form, it will be hard to beat Jamie in this tournament.

The final series is set to be held in May 2022 where six teams will compete in the elimination, semi, and grand final matches. Will there be surprises as we approach the final leg of the Australian Football Championship 2021-2022? This is a question that will be answered in the next few weeks; in the meantime let’s enjoy the game. Western United is set to meet Central Coast Mariners in their next game while Melbourne City will be looking to get full points to extend its league leadership.