The best and easiest way to start accepting cryptocurrencies is to use one the crypto payment gateways listed on our website. In this article we will introduce you 5 best companies. A complete list of crypto gateways you can find here.

So, let's begin!

Cryptwerk provides it's own market analytics. Before choosing a payment company you can check the rating of our gateways, based on database of sellers listed on Cryptwerk. 

Rating of payment gateways depending on their popularity among sellers:

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store

In the graph we can highlight the 5 most popular crypto gateways:

  1. Coinpayments
  2. Bitpay
  3. Coinbase
  4. Coingate
  5. Globee


Payment gateway for bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins, including a multi-coin wallet that supports over 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Easy integrations with prebuilt plugins for all major e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce as well as documented APIs for custom integrations.

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store

Since 2013, CoinPayments has become a pioneer in cryptocurrency payments and has become the world leader in cryptocurrency payment processing. The easy to use platform offers APIs and built-in integrations for all major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

With support for over 1,300 cryptocurrencies and a database of over 2.4 million users and enterprises in 182 countries, it becomes clear that the CoinPayments platform is the ideal solution for cryptocurrency payments.

Get started within minutes and use the cheaper, safer, faster, boundless nature of cryptocurrency payments through the integration of the CoinPayments cryptocurrency gateway!


• Conversion – Manually or automatically convert one cryptocurrency into many others

• Fiat Settlement – Settle your crypto payments into any of 9 different fiat currencies directly into your bank account

• BTC Instant Confirmations – No more waiting for multiple blocks to confirm transactions, we use GAP 600 to insure instant confirmations for bitcoin transactions

• Payment Forwarding – Allows users to instantly forward any payments directly to a wallet of their choice instead of the standard wallet provided by CoinPayments

• $PayByName – No more multiple complicated addresses, instead only 1 “Cashtag” needed for sending/receiving any supported crypto (Example: $BadCrypto)

• Vaulting – Additional layer of security offering secured storage with a time-delayed unlock


Start accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum store and spend cryptocurrencies securely, or get the BitPay Card.

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store

BitPay was founded in 2011, while Bitcoin was still in its infancy. We saw the potential for bitcoin to revolutionize the financial industry, making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale.

We started BitPay because we wanted to make it easy for businesses to accept bitcoin payments. We are currently the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world, serving industry-leading merchants on six continents. We've created a seamless, secure bitcoin payment experience used daily by hundreds of thousands of bitcoin users.

Payment processing was our first contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem, but it is not our last. With Bitcore, we're building an open source platform to power the next applications of Bitcoin. The BitPay secure bitcoin wallet is giving consumers a powerful toolkit for getting started right with bitcoin payments, and the BitPay Card gives bitcoin users a fast way to convert bitcoin into dollars and spend their funds anywhere Visa® is accepted.

Bitcoin's future looks very bright, and we plan on remaining on the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in innovative new ways.


Coinbase Commerce is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrency. Start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash within minutes.

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store

Coinbase Commerce is the easiest and safest way for your business to start accepting digital currency payments.

Secure and Trusted

Designed and built by Coinbase, the world’s leading digital currency company. Security is always our number one priority.


Run your business from anywhere in the world and get access to a global customer base by accepting borderless digital currency payments.

Constantly Improving

Our world-class team is constantly working on improving the platform and building new tools to help you run your business.

Multiple currencies

Accept multiple digital currencies without any additional work. We are constantly evaluating and adding integrations with new blockchains.

Easily customizable

Whether you are running a side project or a large business, we have the tools that will serve your needs. You can get started without writing any code.


CoinGate is a payment gateway for blockchain payments. Having started off in 2014, we have made it our mission to grow adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. With this in mind, CoinGate provides a reliable payments infrastructure that caters for the needs of both merchants and their customers: accessible, convenient and customer oriented.

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store


Advantages of Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Irreversible Payments

Bitcoin payments are irreversible by design. This means that you can accept payments from any country and be 100% guaranteed that the money you received will not be charged back.

Customer Privacy

Bitcoin payments do not rely on trusting the person making the payment, so there is no need to collect private information about your Customers to accept their payments. Bitcoin enables you to choose how little or how much you want to know about your Customers.

Lower Fees

Credit card companies usually charge up to 3% of the transaction amount and there are various additional fees. With CoinGate you can accept Bitcoin payments for only 1% from the transaction amount and there are no monthly, registration, or support fees.

Additional Customers

People using Bitcoin are usually very supportive of companies accepting Bitcoin payments. This helps to attract new Customers and to increase your sales. Click here for tips on how to best promote your Business and to get the most from accepting Bitcoin payments.


GloBee is a global cryptocurrency payment provider which enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies without risk.

How to start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto at your store

GloBee is a cryptocurrency payment processor. What that means, is if you want to sell things on your website, or invoice people and get paid in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Decred and more, then you can use GloBee to handle the payment process, and then settle successful payments to your private Bitcoin or Monero Wallet, or to your bank account for settlement in fiat currency.


E-Commerce Websites.

Website owners who want to accept cryptocurrency donations.

Anyone wanting to invoice customers and clients using our invoicing tools.


To use GloBee to accept payments from your website, you can either use one of our many plugins in collaboration with your site software, such as WordPress, WooCommernce or Shopify for example, or you can use our API to integrate directly with your website. To use the API as integration option, some programming experience would be advantageous.

So, we described 5 most popular crypto gateways that you can use if you decide to start work with cryptocurrencies!

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