Why should are you use a bot to trade cryptocurrency?

Are you going to trade cryptocurrency? Be prepared for the many risks that this area is filled with. Fortunately, today, it is possible to minimize the influence of circumstances on a trader's profit. Use cryptocurrency trading bots to make a profit in any situation.

3Commas Makes the Crypto Market Understandable

The innovative trading platform 3Commas was created to optimize the activity of a trader of any level. It includes:

  • ┬ásmart terminals that adapt to market changes. Do you want more freedom? Set all the parameters in advance, and the system will do the rest for you.
  • ready-made reliable bots, the effectiveness of which is guaranteed by the developer. Such bots are the best solution for beginners.
  • familiarity with the transactions of experienced players, the ability to copy strategies.
  • 100% security in cooperation with exchanges. The platform connects to them only through API keys. 3Commas provides complete confidentiality and can't withdraw user funds.
  • transaction analysis. The system analyzes transactions in real-time and provides you with complete information. You determine further tactics. You can continue the process automatically or intervene to change the parameters
  • cooperation with 18 of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, etc.).

Automated Trading Is Key to Success

Cryptocurrency exchanges differ from classic stock markets by working around the clock without breaks and weekends. Traders who trade manually can't always respond quickly to unforeseen situations. The result is financial loss.

3Commas automated bots are the best solution for cryptocurrency traders. They work 24/7 according to the parameters you set and protect your assets from sudden drops in the market and other force majeure.

If you are just starting to trade cryptocurrency, the platform will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and the opportunity to test different strategies without raising real funds. 3Commas will help every user without experience to understand the features of the crypto industry and achieve the goals.