Open a Multi-Currency Account with Genome!

Do you want to open an online account and don't know what currencies to choose? We live in a time of economic instability where currencies have tremendous volatility.  Saving personal funds or your company's money in one currency can be risky. There is a multi-currency account option just for you, so you can diversify your funds and be confident about the future! In this article, we'll talk about the benefits of a multi-currency account and why it's worth opening one at Genome

What Is a Multi-Currency Account?

As the name suggests, a multi-currency account is an account with the ability to keep your money in different currencies.  Such an account gives you the unique opportunity to keep your funds in another stable currency. You can also quickly and easily make an online purchase and transfer money online with a much better exchange rate than on the exchange market, and reduce the risks when there are fluctuations. For example, if you notice a favorable exchange rate, you can quickly transfer money online from one account to another, thus benefiting from the exchange rate difference. If you are running your business around the world, then the best way not to depend on exchange rates and not to waste money on numerous commissions is to open a business account with several currencies. These are not all the perks of a multi-currency account. Its advantages also include risk reduction and diversification of your savings. 

Genome Account Is a Must-Have

This electronic money institution has many years of experience and is a regulated financial platform (licensed by the National Bank of Lithuania).  Genome provides financial services both to individuals and businesses. Everyone can find the best conditions for themselves, choose the best proposals, and use Genome's online account without problems. 

The benefits of a Genome multi-currency account: 

  •  The multi-currency account allows you to have savings in three currencies: dollars (USD), euros (EUR), and pounds (GBP). 
  • Possibility to accept SEPA and instant internal transfers, the money will be transferred to your Genome Account at the best exchange rates. 
  • Low commissions for the transfer of funds, a fixed 1% of the amount. 
  • An opportunity to open a card for quick maintenance of your online account. 
  • Integrating Genome's multi-currency account into your internet platform is easier than ever.
  • The ability to open 5 different accounts in each of 3 currencies. Up to 15 accounts in total.

Do not hesitate, open a business account in the best e-finance institution in Europe