New Crypto Bomb is coming in 2022 Qardin Token

What will be a great investment in cryptocurrency in 2022? What Crypto project to choose?

In a sea of crypto coins and tokens, few ICO presales have caught our eye. In this article, we will give you a review of the most promising prospect and the one that we expect will make the biggest impact in the crypto world.

If you have read Ready Player One and Ready Player Two books by Ernest Cline or watched a film that Steven Spielberg directed based on that novel you are familiar with how virtual reality and the real world should be connected. The first step in that direction is to create a currency that will connect the two worlds.

Qardin Token plans to further expand its footprint by connecting all retailers to customers, they want to provide a unique shopping experience to the customers. If you want to buy anything from the real or virtual world you will be able to use their smartphone application or visit their virtual shopping mall and buy it. Also later will be possible to create an avatar in your dimensions and visit the same shopping mall and try various items like in the real world.

This opens a lot of possibilities for market companies to promote their product and make new products for the virtual world.

The possibilities are endless and they are just getting started. We found out also that they didn’t disclose the full business plan and roadmap because they can’t expose too much too early.


The vision of Qardin Team is to shake the Crypto World with this extraordinary project. It seems Qardin Token wants to try and attempt to win over BITCOIN in terms of Market Cap. They want to become the first crypto that will be number one in the real and in the virtual world. There are a lot of investors that share that opinion.