Know about the Bitcoin controllers

Bitcoin trading software is usually created by developers, and managed by Minerals — a network of people worldwide who verify bitcoin transactions. In order to create a change to the software used in mining and documenting transactions, developers need more than 50% of the minerals on that global network to complete these changes. And when they get that much support, they can split up, or what they call a «fork.»

On August 1, 2017, the bitcoin coincided with a sharp split. A new digital currency — Bitcoin Cash was created and granted to everyone who owns Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash can make 30 exchanges per second, which is four times the number of transactions Bitcoin can perform. Many Bitcoin investors are not programmers, and may not even know what the split could entail. A period of uncertainty prevailed before this split took place, followed by a period of sharp price increases. Since then, there have been all possible efforts to create another fork — Bitcoin Gold

Attempts to get support for creating this third fork were unsuccessful last week. That seems to have been the reason for correcting the bitcoin price late last week — at the time of writing the price, the price of bitcoin decreased by nearly 20%, compared to the highest price reached on November 8, $ 9925. However, the bitcoin cash coincided with that drop, reaching $ 1,850 instead of $ 818. The bitcoin trader official website is best way to know exacts profit from bitcoin.

Although the changes that occurred in the short life of the Bitcoin coin can be attributed to these four factors, it cannot be denied that they are subject to changing experimental technology, which is still under development. Bitcoin is more likely to be popular with long-term investors for other reasons. Including, for example, limitations — due to the shrinking supply in terms of the total numbers of bitcoins that can in no way be created with previous numbers, as well as the rate at which they were created, which leads to the growth of the purchasing power of bitcoin over time.

This is completely different from traditional currencies such as the dollar and other currencies. If you store these national currencies under your bed, over time you will lose their value. As for other investors, the constant change in the value of bitcoin creates a good business environment. For example, the many changes in prices create opportunities to earn money through buying and selling. This can be seen from the above chart, compared to the volatility of gold prices.

Bitcoin can also be a long-term investment, because its offer is not subject to a specific system, in addition to many advantages that exceed the advantages of some national currencies, as it is a global currency, and it is not restricted by laws and regulations that determine the amount of its offer and demand by central banks, In addition to the ease of transferring it from one country to another, and its transactions not bear the administrative and transfer costs imposed by banks on the currency and financial trade markets. Being a relatively new market, and with no mathematical mechanism in place to predict the movement of this currency in the future, it is all up to the buyer to be cautious. Our only advice in this regard, does not invest as much as you can afford to lose.

Regulatory actions

Regulators around the world had to keep up with the surge in bitcoin prices. For example, they had to decide how the tax system handled that increase, or determine which regulations should be applied in this case. Two events in particular have highlighted the influence of regulations on prices.

The announcement that Bitcoin is a legal tool for trading in Japan has led to a 2% rise in the price of the currency in only twenty-four hours, while the currency has increased by 160% globally in the next two months. China’s decision to close many Bitcoin trading platforms and to ban initial cash offers — a form of crowd funding that is pushed through digital currencies — caused the Bitcoin price to collapse by 24% in only twenty-four hours.