Greatest Cryptocurrencies Guide 2022

The epidemiological situation in the world has made its own adjustments to all spheres of human life, and especially to the economy. Financial options for investing funds, namely currency and even gold, were under attack. At that time, there was practically no asset that could be safely invested in, and then investors turned their attention to the relatively new asset class — cryptocurrency.

Before you are going to explore the cryptocurrency trading terminal, let's take a look at why the popularity of this category as an asset has become even higher than it was, as well as what new cryptocurrencies have appeared on the market and require attention.

Factors That Increased Crypto Popularity

Basically, the post-pandemic surge in demand can be explained by three reasons:

  1. Cryptocurrency is a huge and almost endless growth potential that allows users to increase their investments quite quickly.
  2. Decreased confidence in conventional currencies and precious metals.
  3. Constant hype around one or more cryptocurrencies: the more hype, the more investors — that is, the growth of its price does not depend on some uncontrollable factors, but on popularity and influential people who invest in the chosen token.

And these three nuances make it clear: investing in cryptocurrencies in 2022 is the right step! But which of the tokens should you choose? The guide will help to understand.

Perspective Options

After thorough market research, experts have selected the top promising cryptocurrencies that are suitable for trading:

  1. Bitcoin is the undisputed leader in the field. Investors give preference to it since its capitalization is ten times greater than that of other currencies in the world — about 583 billion dollars. Therefore, the purchase and sale have the highest liquidity, which means they will be profitable regardless of the state of the market.
  2. Ethereum is the second most popular option. It strengthened its position in the market throughout 2020, and already in 2021, it broke the record for twice the cost — 4.3 thousand dollars! Interest in this cryptocurrency is fueled by the launch of Ethereum 2.0, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.
  3. The top 3 is closed by Litecoin, which should become an improved analog of Bitcoin. It is much more convenient to use and processes transactions four times faster. Additionally, the Litecoin system has fairly low commissions, and capitalization has already exceeded 5 billion US dollars. A smooth but stable growth in price is a serious reason to invest in this token.

However, if you are ready to take a risk and try something new, explore the new cryptocurrencies that appeared only in 2020-2021, but have already managed to win the commitment of traders. For example, Chainlink, Ripple, Cardano, TRON, Shiba Inu, Solana, and of course Uniswap.

Remember: before choosing a particular currency, be sure to evaluate your options and needs. If you need crypto for fast results, then pay attention to new options with a growing value. If you are ready to make long-term investments, then it`s better to choose old tokens with stable but slow growth.