Bitcoin Mass Adoption

If you are a crypto enthusiast then you must know that in 2018, prices of all the crypto assets predominantly Bitcoin declines massively. You’ll be disappointed to know that Bitcoin prices drop down from $19,909 to $7,099 in a couple of months. This dramatic decline could be very discouraging for that crypto aficionado who is the proponent of Bitcoin mass adoption.

Despite the drop-down in the market valuation of Bitcoin, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin doesn’t lose traction. Lots of recent developments in the crypto landscape could be an impetus for the Bitcoin mass adoption.

Honestly speaking, crypto exchanges and the crypto-oriented payment gateways play a substantial role in the Bitcoin mass adoption.

Recent Spike in Bitcoin Adoption

According to the study revealed by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF), the number of verified Bitcoin users has almost quadrupled in the past few couples of years.

This statistic depicts an unprecedented growth in the Bitcoin demand. Despite the crypto market is declining at a dizzying pace, the public demand for it persists.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Sell

What makes Bitcoin appealing to retail investors and the general public is you can easily buy anything through Bitcoin. In order to buy a Bitcoin, all the customer has to do is to go to CoinPayments Store Directory, choose your preferred store, select your desired product, and pay for it via Bitcoin.

Apart from that, CoinPayments provides a set of handy tools that aid in the buying and selling of Bitcoins. All merchants can embrace these effective tools.

Where a Bitcoin Users Can Spend His Bitcoins?

When Bitcoin first came into the picture, Bitcoin owner can only buy a small pizza with it. As of today, in Cryptwerk's directory listed 5500 companies accepting Bitcoin, so today you can use Bitcoin to buy a wide variety of things apart from one simple pizza.

In this section of an article, I’ve curated a list of things you can buy with Bitcoin.

Common Household Items

You can buy over millions of products via Bitcoin.

Gift Cards

Many crypto enthusiasts are desperately waiting for the Amazon or eBay to accept Bitcoin as a default payment option. Luckily, some corporates have already got this job done for us.

Leveraging Bitcoin, you can buy the gifts from services like eGifter or Gyft. Then you can redeem these gifts to buy your desired products from Amazon, BestBuy, and plenty of other online retailers.

Video Games

Corporates giants like Amazon have recently started offering video games and they accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for their service. Other service providers like Minecraft servers are unleashing Bitcoin to strengthen their in-game currency.

Bitcoin Mass Adoption

Collection of Discounts and Special Offers from Bitcoin Merchants is an unprecedented service that allows you to enjoy a 5 to 30% discount on all your Amazon purchases. To avail its service, all you need to do is to fill up the wishlist on Amazon and then past the link at a form in Purse.

In the, you are free to set your intended discount. Those peoples who are ready to accept Bitcoin will order your items and the shipment will be fulfilled by Amazon.

Here is a list of products and services that offer hefty discounts on buying with Bitcoin:

• Draht photography offers you a 10% waiver when you pay via Bitcoin

• Get a great website from Web4Crypto and enjoy a 10% discount by paying with Bitcoin

• Bullion exchanges offer a 3% discount if you use Bitcoin

• SuperLearner offers a 10% price waiver when you pay with Bitcoin

• Dutcher Engineering offers a 5% discount if you opt Bitcoin as a medium of payment

• 3D Printer offers a 10% discount if your preferred payment option is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mass Adoption


Even though the crypto market has turned bearish in the last few years, but the demand and growth of it are skyrocketing. With millions of online retailers and merchants incorporating Bitcoin as a default medium of transaction, nothing can hamstring the massive adoption of it. Still not sure? Look to the Bitcoin merchants map and find a local store accepting BTC or other cryptocurrency as a payment.