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How to add products to Cryptwerk Market

There are 4 ways of adding products and services to Cryptwerk Market

 Manual Adding

 CSV import

 XML import & sync

 API integration

If you have any problems with adding products to the market please contact us contact[a]

 Manual Adding

 In your dashboard you will find the Market Menu - click "Products & Services" and after click button "Add new product"

 In popup window add all information about the product you want to add. You can upload 4 pictures to each item.

 Wait for the moderation, usually it takes maximum 1 day. In you dashboard you can observe full list of your products.

 You can add/edit any information about your products

 XML feed

We accept different kinds of XML feeds. 

 Generate your products feed link in your CMS. 

Check this links "How to generate XML feed in WordPress" and "How to generate XML feed in Shopify" 

 In your dashboard find Synchronization & Import and click "+Create Synchronization" button

 Insert your feed links in the form and click "Create"

 If everything was ok you will see a similar popup window 

If you have some problems with your XML feed please contact us contact[a]

 CSV import

 Learn about CSV file requirements here >>>  or  Download example

 In your dashboard find Synchronization & Import and click "Import from file" button

 In popup form select type "CSV" and delimiter of your documents ";" or "," and choose file from your computer

 If everything was ok you will see a popup window with information about imported products

 API integration

For API integration contact us directly contact[a]

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