Shopify - How to generate XLM feed

It will take you 3 mins to generate XML feed with your products and use it to add your products to Cryptwerk Market.

Best thing in XML feed that in future all updates will be accepted automatically, for example after changing price or adding a new product.

Follow these steps:

 In your dashboard find a Menu - Apps, enter and push buttom "Visit the Shopify App Store"

 Enter XML feed in search form

 Choose Skroutz XML Feed in the list. It's free!

 Install Skroutz XML Feed App

 Everything is done! You'll get your XML feed link in the next window!

 Enter this link in your dashboard on

From this moment your website automatically will generate XML feed with all your products. And all changes will be accepted automatically, so you don't have to spend time on observing prices on Cryptwerk Market.

 Use can use any other plugin to generate XML feed for Cryptwerk Market. Learn more about common requirements for XML feed code.

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