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All about virtual credit cards

Nowadays, payment for goods and services via the Internet is as common as shopping in an offline store. The main tools for online payment are bank cards, which are used to be called like “credit cards”. The most important position among them is taken by...
Show more...All about virtual credit cards

Nowadays, payment for goods and services via the Internet is as common as shopping in an offline store. The main tools for online payment are bank cards, which are used to be called like “credit cards”. The most important position among them is taken by prepaid cards.

So, what is a prepaid card, and what is it used for?

A prepaid credit card is a card, which has a certain amount by the time of purchase. It allows you to make purchases or pay for services on the same principle as a regular card, but a prepaid card cannot be recharged. Payments are made on behalf of the issuing bank, not by the cardholder. It allows to use some types of prepaid cards anonymously, particularly Ezzocard. This important point would be explained later on.

Virtual credit card (VCC) is a complete analogue of the usual plastic credit card. It has exactly the same data set: a card number, an expiration date, a security code and a pin code. The main difference of a virtual card from the regular one is that the virtual one hasn’t a physical carrier and can’t be held in hands. At the same time, using a virtual card, you can also make purchases on the Internet and make payments via telephone.

What is the advantage of virtual prepaid card comparing to regular? It could be purchased online at any time around a clock and get ready to use immediately, purchasing goods and services.
Key benefits of our financial products

Card Anonymity - virtual bank cards can be registered under any name and address which allows you to make purchases without revealing your personal information.
Purchasing Process Secrecy – when making a purchase, you are not required to provide your personal data (ID, address, etc.) and you can use anonymous payment means such as cryptocurrencies.

Instant 24/7 Delivery – an automated issuing service is fully available 24/7 to provide your cards right after payment.

Worldwide Access – our clients are able to buy a virtual card globally, in every country and may use it in almost any place where prepaid Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Online Support – we ensure comprehensive online support service to our customers.

Possibility of Refund – there is a possibility of 95% refund of a card face value within 1 month if you have not used your card or decided that you don't need it.

Great Selection – we offer a wide range of card face value: from 5 to 900 USD.

Individual Face Value Card – there is possibility to order a virtual card with an individual face value if such is not available on a regular basis. You individual face value must be multiple of 5 and the minimum order is no less than 5 cards.

Discounts for Regular Customers.

How to buy

Purchase our cards easily and quickly following the instructions in the How to Pay section on our website. We accept USD (Perfect Money and WebMoney), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Bitcoin Cash). Other cryptocurrencies are also accepted for payments over 500 USD.

For further information please visit our FAQ section. If you need to learn more about the use of virtual Ezzocard cards and payment options, we invite you to read articles in the About VCC section.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact our Support Team. Please, do not forget to report your e-mail address so we could respond if we are off-line.

Our virtual prepaid cards are your real advantage in worldwide shopping!

Ezzocard.com discounts and special offers

Smart Shopping Program

Do you buy cards on regular basis? Or do you prefer to save time purchasing many cards at once? In any case, our discount program will help you to make purchases more beneficial.

Discount for review!

Are you our regular customer? Not yet, but are you going to be? Start saving money right now! What to do? Leave just one review.

Ezzocard.com reviews

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Best Prepaid card provider that I've ever seen, it's automatically , simple and one important thing is these cards have auto payment option that you use them for purchasing monthly membership from all websites.


Awesome service. The only place on the web where I could get VCCs and they don't ask me for an ID when I submitted name and address at registration. Everything works in an easy and convenient way. Very helpful support service. Their loyal customer from now on.


Nice, I can't seem to be able to register the card that was delivered to me with delay.
If only I was getting what I paid for. Disappointment

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