Cloud - Chainlink (LINK) accepted

Cloud services and files storages that accept Chainlink
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Found: 3
WebPC specializes in providing the best quality cloud machines, if you are in need of one. Setting up a virtual desktop will not take more than 2 minutes and you will reap the benefits of a responsive and anonymous workspace. There is no need for an external VNC client (though such option is...
VPS Coins
VPS Coins was created to support payments in cryptocurrency and for support of the Masternode hosting space. Very few options exist in supporting Masternodes with payments in cryptocurrency especially the smaller alt coins, accordingly VPS Coins provides configurations suitable for Masternode...
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MrChrissyCloud, The NextCloud powered storage solution - no deduplication, no underhand tactics like selling your data - we're open and honest about what we do - We operate as one company (MrChrissyServices LTD) With a few brands, outside of our brands we will never sell your details or offer...
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