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Discounts and bonuses from merchants

We created a new feature on - “Special offers”. Any company can add a discount or bonus that will be used by our community. Spend 2 minutes to add your special offer or discount coupon and increase the traffic from to your website.

Why you should to add a discount

 Highlight your company among others in categories

 Highlight your company among others on map with special labels and your special offer description

 Your promos will be published on cryptocurrencies pages (if your company accepts these coins)

 We do regular FREE social promotions for companies that added discount/bonus to Cryptwerk community
Premium listing on Cryptwerk

And soon will be created additional pages to promote your discounts:

 additional category with all discounts separated by subcategories

 on Cryptwerk’s main page

How to add a discount

 Use your Company dashboard to add a discount. Find the “Discounts” link in your dashboard menu

 Fill the simple form (will take 2 minutes of your time)

 Your discount will appear on your  company page with additional link to your website

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