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Raja Fashions, Hong Kong’s leading custom tailors, provide quality bespoke tailoring experience to its clients.
Phone +852-2366-7624
Hong Kong has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring and at the top of the line is RAJA FASHIONS.

Our heritage as Hong Kong’s leading custom Tailors goes back 60 years and three generations.

There is nothing quite like the feel of a RAJA Fashions custom made suit. Our suits...
Show more...Hong Kong has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring and at the top of the line is RAJA FASHIONS.

Our heritage as Hong Kong’s leading custom Tailors goes back 60 years and three generations.

There is nothing quite like the feel of a RAJA Fashions custom made suit. Our suits are crafted in a time honoured process in our own workshops. Our garments are created with a keen eye on fashion, always keeping the design fashionable yet pooling into the experience of our rich heritage. The Flavor was decided from the very beginning “Perfection, Splendour and Elegance” as a perfect suit never goes out of style.

We use your measurements, your form and your posture to create a unique suit that will fit you and highlight your best features perfectly. For elegance, quality, style and value we rival and surpass the very best tailoring houses around the world.

“Raja” means ‘king’ in Hindi and Raja Fashions certainly rules Hong Kong’s custom tailoring trade. Heading Raja Fashions is the effervescent Raja Daswani whose grandfather emigrated from the abounding northern India to Hong Kong where he set up a custom tailoring business. His father, uncles and aunts followed in their father’s footsteps. It was natural that Raja too would enter the trade.

With his love of the business and expertise in custom made fine clothing along with hard work and enthusiasm, Raja Daswani, the heir to a dignified family of high-end tailoring, decided to carry on the family business and open what’s today a global enterprise.

Whilst business was good, the family enterprise was no different from that of Saville Row. When Raja assumed the mantle, he began to position the enterprise a few cuts above the rest. The push for change came in 1997, after the handover of Hong Kong to China. Many of Raja's British expatriate customers returned to the UK. Raja and his professional team went after their customers, taking their local tailoring enterprise global. Setting up shops in hotel rooms, they informed customers that their favourite Hong Kong custom tailors had come to their doorsteps. Raja has since put internet technology to good use.

Nowadays, customer measurements and photographs are emailed back to the head-office in Cameron Road to be tailored within 4-6 weeks by our specialist tailors in Hong Kong. An online presence keeps the communication lines between the business and its far flung customer base connected. The practice of travelling worldwide to visit customers continues and is in fact a staple of many bespoke tailors in Hong Kong.

We have only one mission, to deliver the heritage of bespoke to the modern man with exceptional service and unparalleled results. We love what we do; we take it very seriously and have high standards for our garments.

Moreover, Raja dominates the market in its sheer of capacity operation. Raja's warehouse, for example, stocks the largest volume of fabrics in Hong Kong. Stocking about 20,000 fabrics ranging from affordable to Exclusive from the best mills in England and Italy.

Demand for services is so great that our overseas appointment books are filled 3 months in advance. Teams of 10 tailors make monthly calls on their overseas customers to carry out fittings, make alterations and take new orders, giving customers the opportunity to expand their wardrobes and refresh old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualized attention they can take for granted at Raja Fashions.

Throughout its history, the company has offered a top-notch custom made tailoring service to its customers. Since 1957 the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across the globe including the House of Lords, Downing Street and covering all the major cities around the world.

That proud legacy of quality and service endures today and guides our business in every way. We pursue every avenue of excellence and customer convenience.

Let us introduce you to the pleasure of a well-made, personalized garment that’s made exclusively for you from the finest fabrics in the world. It is a transformative experience as well as an affordable luxury that you can enjoy every day.

We welcome the opportunity to be in service.

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