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Accommodation in Cuba and Traveler Support
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My subscribers, small private hosts, are self-employed too. They rent part of the house they live. Usually, the whole family gets involved in the business, in one way or another. Here lies that Cuban taste many visitors end up feeling; whether they travel independently or in group.

Show more...My subscribers, small private hosts, are self-employed too. They rent part of the house they live. Usually, the whole family gets involved in the business, in one way or another. Here lies that Cuban taste many visitors end up feeling; whether they travel independently or in group.

Josué Portal is my name. I'm in charge.

I developed, and currently operate, this System to automate my job of Accommodation Manager. I undertake this activity under the license number B336561. It was issued by Dirección Municipal de Trabajo y Seguridad Social del municipio Plaza de la Revolución, Havana.

Cubans require a special license to rent their houses to other people. All my subscribers are verified and active hosts. If you need a customized host verification, request a quotation

For the best accommodation deal, use this tool:

Searching: Just click on the magnifying glass located at the right top corner and make a general host search (ex. by location: trinidad). If you have already clarified your accommodation requirements, then conduct an advanced host search

Cuban Law strongly taxes the component of the income that is not part of profits. Manicato Inn is extremely cheap for hosts. So, likely you will not find in the Web other service with lower accommodation prices.

Manicato Inn's backend makes possible guaranteed reservations through small anticipated deposits that are refunded in case of early cancellation. Please, ask your host.

La Red Manicato groups other Cubans that are self-employed. They provide helpful services for travelers, like cafes, bars and restaurants. Manicato Inn recommends these workers as an example of responsible private entrepreneurship. Besides, all of them share a high commitment with their communities and our country.

First time to Cuba? Ask whatever you want

Cuba is a small but a well-known country. Supposedly. This piece of land usually reemerges as an unexplored territory, not only for the novice but also for the conscious traveler. Perhaps, because of its geography? Its frequent historical ups and downs? A complex transculturation? May be. Its unique political system? Because of a bit of everything?

The presence of Cubans has been confirmed by one hundred twenty nations. Sixty of them have communities of importance. Nevertheless, a trip to Cuba has no substitute to know its culture and understand the Cubans.

Cuba is one of such places where everybody is looking forward to something to happen. This is not only valid for Cuban nationals. Many visitors remain in that expecting state. It’s not weird hearing “It was good coming now… to return later and compare”.

Cuba is safe!

After centuries of social merging and unforeseeable evolution, the Cuba of nowadays exhibits a process that doesn´t end yet. Beyond its rich history, what is really astonishing is how the Cuban people seems to be challenging the End-of-History theories.

In the same vein, though it´s pretty easy to discover traces coming from Spanish, African, Chinese and, in minor proportion, from the Caribbean aborigine cultures, it´s still surprising the cultural adaptation, absorption and fusion skills of the Cubans. It is worth to say their multiple races haven’t been a drawback for their mono ethnicity. One realizes this in arts like music, dancing, plastic arts, architecture, and cinema; in religion; in cuisine; in sports; in their educational system; and, in general, in their way of life. Does their tolerance have to do with this? How about their ego then? Their joy? The fact is foreign travelers have always been welcome, wherever they come from.

An analysis of the peculiarities and rationales of the Cuban system –state organization and economy-, for many, irrational at first glance, would take a lot of space. What to say about the disproportionate influence of this country in the international arena?

Join the above to one of the most beautiful and nicest natural environment and get a unique destination, even for the usual travelers.

Could Cuba be even exotic for the 21th Century?

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