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The worlds largest selection of PC modification supplies. Offers computer pc cases, pc and computer cooling systems, cpu coolers, power supplies and custom pc mods for best computer performance and cooling.
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Mission Statement
Since our start in 1999, FrozenCPU has been focused on providing computer modifications that push the limits of what is thought possible. The industry has come along way from blow-holes and fan ducts; and FrozenCPU has been there every step of the way. Our inventory now caters...
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Since our start in 1999, FrozenCPU has been focused on providing computer modifications that push the limits of what is thought possible. The industry has come along way from blow-holes and fan ducts; and FrozenCPU has been there every step of the way. Our inventory now caters to enthusiast markets like liquid cooling, lighting and even phase-change cooling. As always, we focus on fulfilling our slogan: “The World’s Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies”. Our inventory is constantly expanding and our European and Asian connections that help us in get the latest and hardest to find products onto our shelves and ready to ship.

Three words really say what FrozenCPU is about: Trust, Value and Expertise.

Our website is equipped with the latest security technology to protect the identity of our customers and any data that they share with us. We protect our customers and protect their investment, quickly replacing any defective products and helping resolve problems as fast as possible. Our helpful customer service staff is only a phone call away via our toll free number (877-243-8266) or you can even chat with them online via the chat button on the left side of the website. FrozenCPU has been around for a long time and will continue to be there for our customers long into the future.

Our prices are always competitive: we can buy things in bulk and bring them in at prices other companies can’t. Our connections also allow us to bring in products that have never been stateside before. We work closely with our shipping partners to bring the lowest shipping prices to our customers as well.

If you are unsure about your order – contact us! Our customer service staff have been doing this for a long time and can advise you on any purchase from what cooler will fit your computer to what light would best suit your case. FrozenCPU doesn’t just sell products, we mod them ourselves, from cases to cabling to windows and more – we are more than a reseller, we are computer enthusiasts that love computer mods and perform them professionally!

In the end, FrozenCPU is about providing an easy, worry-free modding experience for its customers. We provide the products no one else has, at great prices and have a knowledgeable staff that can help at every stage of the purchase. We are The World’s Largest Supply of PC Modification Supplies!

Our Facility
We have a large 8000 square foot facility that houses our inventory, our offices and our modding workshops. With two loading docks, a two story storage area, a fully heated warehouse and more: we have lots of room for our thousands of products. All of the products are kept dry and at room temperature, ready for shipment. The products get shipped right from our facility in new boxes with air pillow cushioning to protect them during their travels.

We have two separate modding workshops, one for all of our sleeving work and another for the more intensive case mods like windows, blow holes, water cooling and beyond. We also have a showroom area for customers to look at some of the products we carry as well as place orders or pick up orders they've purchased online.

Our Products
We are simply the largest single source for PC modification supplies – from water cooling to lights and cases and more. We add products all year round and always hunt for unique products that are unavailable anywhere else. Yet we don't stop there - we change products as well! Our on site workshops allow us to do small mods like sleeving cables on any product as well as bigger jobs like cutting up cases for advanced cooling solutions and more. Customers can always call us for special requests or hard-to-find products and we always do our best to provide a direct solution.

History of the Company
We started out in 1999 as a tiny, one-man operation working out of a garage in Henrietta, NY. We have come along way since then and are now a fully incorporated business with its own building and several million dollars worth of inventory on hand, ready to ship the same day it is ordered.

And we aren’t done yet! FrozenCPU is always moving forward, growing and refining. With new products all the time and world-wide shipping, we are always working to provide the best for our customers every step of the way!

Web Evolution
Over the years we have changed our look and design to provide more features, easier shopping and simply cooler looks. Take a look at our humble beginnings leading up to our current website. reviews

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