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Welcome to Amsterdam's charming movie house!
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Filmhuis Cavia draait al meer dan 30 jaar met een minimaal budget non-profit bijzondere films op een bijzondere locatie in Amsterdam, namelijk het oude Prinses Beatrix Schippersinternaat tussen de Van Hall- en De Kempenaarstraat, dat we delen met veel kunstenaars en een kickboksschool.

Filmhuis Cavia is now accepting Bitcoin. We are the first cinema worldwide to enable customers to pay using cryptocurrency, peer to peer payment networks with no central bank or authority. Why? Cash and anonymous coins respect our customers privacy, as well as it being fun to use.

We have been screening films in Amsterdam for over 30 years, working solely with volunteers. Donations received in Bitcoin will help us expand on our founding principles as a formerly squated cinema; we intend to be able to pay filmmakers and distributors with Bitcoin. An alternative currency for an alternative cinema.

Being a small community cinema, we wish to give our visitors the best experience to our creative and technical capabilities. Donations will also be used for upgrading and maintaining our projection systems and 40-seat screening room.

At our bar we accept Bitcoin.
Donations are very welcome on the following BTC address:


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