Handmade House-Numbers - CLASSIC

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Handmade House-Numbers - CLASSIC
Create your own personalized mosaic housenumber from handmade Crystalglass !

Every ordered mosaic housenumber is a one-off, a unique work of art, handmade and designed expressly to your requirements. Once you ordered we immediately start creating the number so we’ll be able to prompt send out the delivery, and will be send recommended worldwide. If for any reason such as birthday, marriage, etc… the exact delivery date is important, please notice this on your order sheet. A unique number for yourself or by the most original present to your best friends.

Formula 1 - CLASSIC
You buy an exclusive mosaic-housenumber in pure Venetian or Murano Crystalglass, handmade and in the colors that you like (choice within a range of 100 colors). The size of this number is defined to 150 mm. x 150 mm. This is a number of maximum 2 characters. If the number contain more then 2 character we charge a supplement based on the supplemental dimension. You can order online upto a 4 digit housenumber...if you need a bigger number, just contact us and we work out your idea.
SKU: 100
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