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About 4.5 billion people use the global Internet, making it an unsafe place to store and exchange information. The situation is largely solved by establishing a connection through a proxy server. It depersonalizes the user on the network, and gives him access to closed sites, online programs and other web resources. For these purposes, Proxy-List implements proxy rental from anywhere in the world with personal access and high protection of confidential information.

What is a proxy server for?
A proxy server is an indispensable tool for those who build a personal business on social networks, develop a trading platform, and conduct social projects with a large outreach of people. Its second purpose is leisure on inaccessible video hosting sites, music Internet services in Russia and the CIS countries.

Among other things, a proxy-server is needed for:

Promotion of communities and pages in social networks;
Newsletter and parsing;
Freelance online;
SMM marketing;
Online sales without hard restrictions on Amazon, Ebay;
Organization of sweepstakes, bookmakers;
Bypassing locks and permanent bans;
Creation of a corporate local network with Internet access through one virtual address;
Creation and accounting of databases.
It allows you to safely launch automated processes for collecting and structuring information about user preferences. An important advantage of a proxy for a mass audience is bypassing regional locks and bans issued by the site administration or regulatory government agencies.

They won't know anything about you
A key feature of the technology is the substitution of a computer's physical network IP address with the address of a remote server. A proxy serves as an intermediate link between the user's device and the end site, preventing information from being received about its real location, browser and operating system settings, and summaries of network activity. For example, by purchasing a US IP, you will appear on prohibited web resources as a foreigner with full access.

Your data is securely protected
The data transmission channel through the proxy server is resistant to interception by malefactors. This is facilitated by the secure data transfer protocol HTTP / HTTPS and SOCKS5. It doesn't matter which address format is used: IPv4 or IPv6. If you wish, you separately connect the VPN traffic encryption service, and make it a waste of time to intercept it.

You are running at high speed
Private IP addresses are allocated on high-performance computer equipment with high data rates up to 100Mbps. The service of renting a wireless collective 3G / 4G proxy is provided at a speed of up to 10 Mbit / s.

Frequently used or large files are cached in the proxy server memory for quick access to them. Fiber-optic communication lines provide bandwidth sufficient for comfortable viewing of 4K video content, playing top online projects, and other resource-intensive tasks.

Your local network is being used as intended
Proxy servers support the function of filtering incoming requests. It will appeal to business owners or system administrators who monitor the targeted use of the corporate network. You can restrict access to sites when you enter prohibited requests, or even prohibit downloading information. This saves traffic (if limited), and solves the issue of digital security.

You do not overpay for unused services
When making a purchase on the website, you choose only what you need:

A large number of personal IP-addresses (individually or in bulk in one hand);
Flexible lease terms (from one day to a month);
Various types of connection protocols and the country where the servers are located (the price of the proxy depends on the country);
Convenient payment method (by credit card or e-wallet).
Those who want to save money can rent collective shared proxies for 3-5 people. Its cost is three times cheaper than a personal IP-address, and its capabilities are sufficient for solving everyday tasks.

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