Netex24 is an electronic exchange service. Any exchange transaction on the website is carried out in a fully automated mode, which guarantees that a client will instantly receive funds to an electronic wallet or a card.

Netex24 is a multicurrency exchange service. We conduct exchange...
Show more...Netex24 is an electronic exchange service. Any exchange transaction on the website is carried out in a fully automated mode, which guarantees that a client will instantly receive funds to an electronic wallet or a card.

Netex24 is a multicurrency exchange service. We conduct exchange transactions with a wide range of electronic currencies. The exchange is an official partner of various international payment systems. At the time of writing, Netex24 conducts operations in 20+ directions of exchange!

We pay great attention to transactions of withdrawal of electronic currencies. Netex24 is one of the few exchange services that offer to withdraw electronic money to bank cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. Such transactions are conducted in a fully automated mode, and our customers almost instantly get SMS notifications about money receipt to the card. We have our own, certified processing for receiving payments from bank cards! The processing complies with the PCI DSS bank card industry standard.

Our professional team has extensive experience in cryptocurrencies. Netex24 processes hundreds of transactions with Bitcoins. For these purposes, we constantly develop and maintain the uninterrupted operation of our own Bitcoin server, which distinguishes us from most of the small exchange services that use third parties’ API. Netex24 enables our clients to withdraw cryptocoins to a bank card in a matter of seconds.

By supporting a large number of exchange transactions, we have to ensure an uninterrupted 24/7 service. For these purposes, Netex24 has rich functionality and powerful computing resources. Netex24 operates in Microsoft cloud services, which allows to process any number of 24/7 transactions.

We pay great attention to the cost of exchange transactions. We claim that Netex24 offers some of the best conditions for most exchange transactions, and we offer the best exchange rate for the most popular transactions! Such savings can be achieved due to extensive experience in the exchange business and perfect software that performs various operations automatically.

We ensure excellent operation costs by automating our business processes. Trade robot Niagara, our proprietary development, automatically manages exchange transactions, analyzes competitors' rates every few seconds and presents the best exchange rates to customers. Small services that control their exchanges manually have no chances to compete with Netex24. Niagara is a serious competitive advantage of our service!

Despite the best fees, we offer our regular clients to participate in the client program. Clients willing to register on our exchange get access to a cumulative discount. Discount allows our customers to change money even cheaper. We offer discounts up to 25% of the exchange service's profit on the exchange transaction. Discounts are applied automatically during the creation of an exchange transaction.

It is very important for the exchange service to provide professional support to clients. A powerful helpdesk system is deployed in Netex24 for these purposes. A unique ticket is created for each client’s request. All correspondence with the client is conducted within the ticket and cannot be lost or terminated until the client receives qualified assistance. Several specialists answer requests of our clients every day. This allows to process requests quickly enough, and Netex24 clients receive answers to questions or get problems solved within a few minutes in most cases.

Our specialists process a large number of clients’ requests daily. Most of the correspondence with clients is conducted in a public mode. Any client can visit the support community at any time and see how things are humming, how clients are served, what problems can be observed at the moment. Only our service is open enough to gain the clients’ trust!

We care about the privacy of client data. Personal details, which clients enter at the stage of submitting the application, are securely encrypted by the SSL certificate. Any exchange transaction on the website can be performed without any registration.


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