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Eat me! was born in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That year, I finished my fashion design studies, I fell in love with fabrics, and I decided to create my own line. By the way, my name is Julieta, I´m 37 years old and I´m in charge of Eat me!

I was looking for a name for the brand and...
Show more...Eat me! was born in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That year, I finished my fashion design studies, I fell in love with fabrics, and I decided to create my own line. By the way, my name is Julieta, I´m 37 years old and I´m in charge of Eat me!

I was looking for a name for the brand and trying to improve my English reading "Alice in Wonderland", and boom! the name appeared! It was when I read about the "eat me!" cookies. I loved the idea of people having the same effect wearing my clothes than Alice when eating the cookies.

Learn to be a great fabric selectah was the main thing for me, I would spent hours in Once, a fabric neighborhood in BA, doing a meticulous search of fabrics of good quality & original prints. Eat me´s first designs were ready... time to go and sell them!

BA has a great circuit of indie fashion design, so you have many different fairs and markets where you can rent a space and hang your stuff to sell. That´s what I did. 5 years selling in Plaza Serrano, a bar zone in Palermo neighborhood, in which, during the day, bars are transformed into fairs. These years were great, lots of fun, experience, and meeting interesting people. During the week I would be producing the clothes and on the weekends, would take my bags and coat rack to go to sell at the fair. Meanwhile, I was photographing every item and uploading it to Fotolog!LOL

I was always fascinated by the power of the Internet that was more than a crucial tool for me to develop my brand. Next, I discovered Etsy, opened a shop, and my dream of making something available for the entire world came true. The first sale on Etsy was about a week after the opening, I was so excited! Not only in Argentina, but in other parts of the world there were people who liked my clothes! and everything because of the internet. It was incredible to me.

Selecting fabrics was sth I liked, but I had in my head the idea of designing exclusive prints for Eat me! and I´m a Taurus. In 2008, I came across digital printing technique, and the desire of designing my own fabrics became possible. Inspired by literally everything, like people on the streets, drops of rain, music, a good coffee (this could be endless), my own designed patterns started to take shape, of course, while struggling with photoshop and illustrator ;)

Later I was out of fairs, had a showroom at home. Although all sells where being generated online, next step was opening a little physical boutique on a gallery in San Telmo neighborhood. It lasted 2 years, I put lots of love and learned plenty, but numbers were not good. Time to reinvent me! I decided to close the shop and put the focus on selling online.

During this crisis period, my friend Anabella joined me to make the business grow. It´s been a long path, we haven´t stopped learning, making mistakes and learning again, always being thankful and enjoying the ride!

2017 year of changes. We decided to move our manufacture location, now products are made in Latvia and USA. So we were able to improve our prices, quality, and shipping, always prioritizing to have a clean and fair chain to all the persons that are involved in the manufacture of our products.

Next step in this year of the dog, was opening our own online shop that you are visiting right now :) We work all days, focusing on improving every detail, to create clothes that you and us will love to wear and have fun while using them. We don´t take fashion too seriously we think is cool to relax and celebrate our uniqueness. We also believe in slow fashion so our products are made to be durable and of great quality.

Although Eatme´s shiny star product are women leggings, we are adding other lines of products like kids, men, home decor, and accessories lines, we ´re so excited and hope you love them as much as we do.

Stay tuned cause we are working on amazing new stuff coming out soon. Always at your service cause we know we have you, the most amazing customer´s crew!

Gracias! :) reviews

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