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BCH polymer wallets that looks like money and are great for tipping and gifting
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Supplying Bitcoin Cash Notes. Visit our website ( for more information and to see our notes in action here. Brought to you by Global Notes Pty Ltd.

1. The note id

This is the production number of the note. All Bitcoin Cash Notes are produced sequentially and are marked as such.

2. The version number

The version number provides the exact release of the note. All changes to the note are released with a new version number – please see our changelog for details of the version history. Each release has a note id range associated with it, which is the note ids that were printed as of the particular version.

3. The face value

The face value specifies how much Bitcoin Cash is associated with the note and and its keys.

4. The Bitcoin Cash address

The unique public address in Bitcoin Cash address format for the note. You may use any Bitcoin Cash blockchain explorer to validate that the address holds the amount specified with the face value of the note.

5. The QR Code

The QR code displayed on the note is an alternative ‘matrix barcode’ representation of the unique Bitcoin Cash address printed on the note. Use the QR code to conveniently capture the Bitcoin Cash address for blockchain explorer validation.

6. The private key & tamper-evident seal

This is where the private key for the note is sealed and where much of the note innovation and security is located. The private key is non-deterministic meaning it is unique, random and independently generated for the note. The private key is a string of random characters embedded underneath a tamper evident seal. Within the seal, the private key is further concealed with light impenetrable material. Any copies of the key made during the manufacture of the note e.g. for printing purposes, have been destroyed.

Advice for accessing the private key is below on this page.

7. The tamper-evident seal code

The 4 digit code printed at the top left-hand corner of the tamper-evident seal provides enhanced security against covering a tampered seal with a new seal. The 4 digit code equals the last 4 digits of the Bitcoin Cash address.

8. Fine-print

On the front of the note, around the edges of the border, a Bitcoin Cash icon is tessellated as chain mail. On the back of the note, the background orange color are the words Bitcoin Cash repeated many times. To see these features more clearly, please use a magnifying glass.

9. The disclaimer

As stated on all notes releases, and also found in our terms and conditions. reviews

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