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4.8 15 reviews
Since 2013, CoinPayments has pioneered the way for cryptocurrency payments and has become a global leader for cryptocurrency payment processing. The easy to use platform offers APIs and prebuilt integrations for all the major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and...
4.8 15 reviews
Guarda Wallet
4.3 4 reviews
Guarda Wallet apps are Android and iOS light wallets designed to store, manage, transfer and receive cryptocurrency tokens. The applications also include an option to purchase coins with a banking card and top up wallets via built-in Exchange service. Among other currencies, Guarda wallets...
4.3 4 reviews
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Ledger Wallet
2.9 1 review
A security expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications safeguarding crypto assets for individuals and companies, thanks to a distinctive technology: an operating system based on a secure chip or hardware. Why do you need a hardware wallet for? The main idea behind hardware wallets...
2.9 1 review
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